What Type Of Cream Is In The Red Velvet Oreos?

Oreos are one of the most popular cookies in the world, and the original version is a perennial top seller among kids and grownups alike. But the company keeps things fresh by routinely offering new varieties of the fan favorite. Sometimes, those limited edition biscuits become part of the regular rotation, as happened with the Birthday Cake variety of Oreos. Others come and go, with the company choosing annually whether to re-release them or not, keeping customers on edge while they await the news on social media. Such is the situation with Red Velvet Oreos. First released in 2015, Red Velvet Oreos came in riding a trend that was very popular at the time, but eventually joined the ranks of discontinued cookies. While red velvet cake isn't trending hard like it was then, it's still a beloved flavor that's getting increased attention in the snack sector. 

And this year, Red Velvet Oreos are back on shelves for the first time since 2020. What makes them different from regular Oreos isn't just the color and flavor of the cookie. The cream (or "creme," as Oreo puts it, since there is no milk product in the filling) has a little twist of its own. Red Velvet Oreos feature the usual thick filling of a regular Oreo cookie, but the center is cream cheese flavored to echo the classic frosting on a red Velvet cake. So the sweet cocoa-flavored sandwich is perfectly offset by the tang of the cream cheese creme within.

The driving force of novelty

While many discontinued Oreos have fans clamoring for more, the red velvet variety of Oreos has been the single most requested comeback. Perhaps it's because the flavors echo the original, with a slight twist, since the cocoa of red velvet is a variation on the rich chocolate theme of the classic wafers, and the creme inside is a riff that departs only slightly from the traditional fluff. 

Whatever the reason, Red Velvet Oreos have captured the hearts of many aficionados. Fans were welcoming their return with open arms (and wallets) when the news broke on social media.  But red velvets aren't the only variety of Oreos with a similar filling. The currently discontinued carrot cake Oreos also featured a cream cheese-flavored interior. 

While the Red Velvets Oreos seem to be sparking some real interest among consumers, it's unclear how much Oreo intends its limited editions to become permanent fixtures. The New York Times has suggested that the gimmicky alternative flavors aren't motivated by taste or longevity considerations, rather they act as "advertisements for the original" as they remind people of just how much they like the traditional Oreo variety. While consumers do often try out the novelty flavors — which sell reasonably well — they also tend to pick up a box of the old standby while they're at it, which consistently outperforms the competition. Well played, Oreo. Sounds like a (red) velvety smooth marketing move to us.