A McDonald's Lasagna Looks Terrifying, But We'd Still Eat It

It may seem like a menu item that belongs at a McDonald's in Italy, but the McDonald's lasagna is a customer-made monstrosity. Move aside, McSpaghetti. The McDonald's lasagna is here, and it's kind of scary. Now deactivated TikTok user @dong00126 developed the basis for the lasagna, sharing it with their horrified followers. In the video, they say, "Trust the process. It's gonna be so delicious." However, some viewers may have developed trust issues after seeing the hulking slab of meat and cheese.

However, they may have developed the idea for the lasagna from an even bigger fast-food culinary experiment. In 2011, the YouTube channel Epic Meal Times, at the height of its fame on the platform, created the ultimate fast food lasagna. That lasagna featured 15 Big Macs in addition to 15 burgers from A&W, 15 Baconators from Wendy's as well as several orders of onion rings and bacon. A liter of Big Mac sauce was used to bring the group's vision to life. As you can tell, there are certain similarities between the two, but we're not accusing the TikToker of ripping off the recipe. Perhaps, similar minds just think alike. 

In comparison, the McDonald's lasagna features just 10 Big Macs as well as a lot of fries, maple syrup, cheese, and chicken patties. How would you even go about creating this thing? We have the answer.

How to make the McDonald's lasagna

In order to make the McDonald's lasagna, you'll need to flatten 10 Big Macs in the bottom of a pan. Our advice is to go with a sturdy pan as this is going to be a heavy dish. The Big Macs will serve as a base for your fries and maple syrup. Once everything is sticky, go ahead and pour in ketchup for good measure and coat in a thick layer of cheese. That's just one layer though. From there, you will top with bacon and ham as well as chicken patties from McDonald's. Another layer of cheese will seal the creation.

While it may seem like excess, the site of the oozing layer of cheese does seem oddly appetizing. You could also always pair down ingredients as the Australian radio show "JAM Nation with Jonesy & Amanda" did when they tried the recipe. Still, not everyone appears to be a fan of the creation.


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One commenter offered some advice on TikTok, writing, "Why wouldn't you do quarter-pounders instead? Who wants hot soggy lettuce?" Meanwhile, another commenter questioned the excess of the dish, asking, "How much did that cost??" With the average cost of the Big Mac being $5.35, it's certainly not a cheap meal.