You Should Start Adding Your Favorite Summer Fruit To Pasta Salad

Adding a bit of fruit to a summer salad can always spruce things up in a fresh and unexpected way, and pasta salad is no different. Pasta salad is one of the best ways to do pasta in the summer. It combines the satisfying, filling nature of pasta with the cool refreshing flavors and feel of a salad that we're all craving during the warmer weather. Interestingly, though, while you've surely thrown berries or grapes in with your normal salads, if you haven't tried this with your pasta salad, now is the time. The biggest mistake you're making with your pasta salad just might be not adding fruit.

The notion of adding some sweetness to a savory meal to up the freshness and deepen the interest in a dish's flavor profile is certainly not a new one, and this can be a particularly fun trick for making a satisfying dish for the warmer weather months. Pasta salad is basically the ultimate summer side dish all on its own, but incorporating a little fresh sweetness into your pasta dish can make it feel all-the-more summer-y. Fruit is the mix-in that will take your pasta salad to the next level, and it's about time you made this sweet and savory summertime salad for yourself. In fact, you may want to try using fruit to give your current go-to summer pasta salad a brand-new life.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy a fruity pasta salad

If you're new to the concept of putting a fruity twist on a classic pasta salad, then you just may be surprised to discover how many different options are out there. We all know that berries are one of the more common ways to add fruit to pasta and salads, in general. An orzo salad with blueberries, almonds, and feta cheese is a winning combination. Alternatively, you can add strawberries,cucumbers, and blue cheese to pasta with some balsamic vinaigrette to lean into that tart sweetness. Opting for a sweet and tart dressing on a pasta salad with berries makes for a delicious and refreshing mixture of flavors and textures in a light yet filling meal. 

While berries may be the most common, there are quite a few other ways to add fruit to your pasta salad for a fresh take on the quintessential summer side dish. Berries are ideal for salads with fatty, heavier ingredients, and melon pairs great with salty flavors. Try tossing cantaloupe with pancetta and ricotta for a rich, unexpected combination. Cherries are another less common fruit for pasta salad that packs a punch. Swap tomatoes out of your caprese pasta salad for cherries for a deep, sweet flavor. Ultimately, if you're considering whipping up a fruity version of a pasta salad for a delicious summertime dinner, why not do some experimenting of your own? Great ingredient combinations make for great salads.