Aldi Is Going Bold With Its Holiday Goat Cheeses

You know it must be the start of the holiday season when Aldi begins bringing back its signature brand of goat cheeses with wintry flair. And no one can accuse the grocery chain of not going bold this year, as Aldi is selling three different goat cheeses imbued with intense flavors.

The trio of available varieties includes sweet cranberry stuffing, gingerbread, and eggnog. All of those likely conjure up strong memories of the holiday season. Cranberry sauce is a tradition among many families, typically served alongside turkey and dressing at Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, both gingerbread and eggnog are typically associated with Christmas, New Year's Eve, and other December holidays, being staples of friendly gatherings and office parties across the country. Indeed, with Aldi's goat cheeses, you could easily create a festive spread or charcuterie board; just pair the cheeses with crisps or crackers for a snack that's both savory and sweet. 

Goat cheese is a popular food to pair with fruit, whether in the summer or fall. The soft crumbly nature of the cheese blends well with berries in particular, as well as apples and figs in the fall and winter months. When combined together, you get a complex yet light snack. So, it sort of makes sense why Aldi chose to reinvent its goat cheeses this way. However, not everyone is a fan of Aldi's latest product. 

Shoppers are on the fence

While several customers are rejoicing over Aldi's holiday cheeses, some consumers are reacting to the items with caution. As one Instagram user shares, they're uncertain if these flavor profiles blend well together, writing, "Not too sure about these ... I think of cheese as savory, but these sound like they're gonna be sweet."

However, other shoppers — who have tested the products in past seasons — offer some more positive feedback. One comments, "I tried the eggnog last year with Nilla wafers and it was amazing," while another chimes in, "Oh man, I bet that gingerbread one on toast in the morning is going to be delish." However, that one skeptical social media user isn't alone in their apprehension, as others on Reddit debate which flavors are nice and which are on the naughty list. As one Redditor puts it, "I'm skeptical on the eggnog flavor, but I bet the cranberry is delicious."

As with most things, flavored goat cheese may not be for everyone. But, it's the holidays! So, you might want to get out of your comfort zone and live a little. These cheeses could potentially be a hit at your next holiday celebration — if your taste buds are feeling bold enough.