Tired Of Ice Cream Floats? Make One With Sherbet

While root beer floats are the nostalgic drink that most people know and love, it can be fun to shake things up with a twist on the classic dessert. One of the appeals of using real ice cream in these traditional floats is that it turns your root beer into a cream soda-style drink that's just as delicious after the ice cream has melted. However, on a hot day when you are by the pool or at a party, something a little lighter might actually be more refreshing.

While there are amazing fruity sodas to add to ice cream floats that aren't root beer, such as orange, grape, and strawberry, the ice cream itself often gives these treats their decadence. This is where sherbet floats come into the mix, and they're even more versatile than you think. Beyond the variety of soda flavors that would work as a base, there are many different sherbets that could be used, depending on the specific flavor you're craving.

Since most fruits exist in sherbet form, the range of flavors is vast and can be paired with multiple different sodas to create the sherbet float you're looking for. Plus, mixing and matching to find your favorite concoction is the fun part. Adding lime sherbet to Sprite creates a beautiful green float with a citrus kick. Pineapple sherbet could be paired with a grapefruit soda like Squirt, or mango sherbet could be used with ginger beer for a spicy kick.

Sherbet floats are refreshing and versatile

Since sherbet is primarily made from fruit and sugar with no cream and optional dairy, it has a significantly lower fat content than ice cream, making it the perfect refreshing treat. If you feel like spicing up your recipe for a party with friends, you can swap the soda for sparkling wine or champagne and make an adult sherbet float with alcohol.

Similarly, these sherbet floats work well in a large mixing bowl with a ladle. Guests can grab some sherbet and liquid to put in their glasses as they mingle. As the sherbet begins to melt, it creates a fruity, flavorful beverage, and the colors look beautiful as well. Using a swirled flavor like rainbow sherbet is very kid friendly, and mixing it with fruit punch to make rainbow sherbet punch is amazing for birthday parties.

Since sherbets can be made without dairy, they can sit out unrefrigerated for longer, making them a fun and easy self-serve drink idea. If you or someone you know is hosting a baby shower or gender reveal party, color-coordinating your sherbet and soda is the perfect touch. Strawberry soda with raspberry sherbet will create a vibrant pink drink, or "blue baby shower punch" can be made to look like a bathtub with Berry Blue Hawaiian punch and a white sherbet like pineapple or lemon. The possibilities and ideas are truly endless, so the next time you are craving a float, consider switching things up and using sherbet instead of ice cream.