The Kitchen Tool That Turns Hard Boiled Eggs Into Works Of Art

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TikTok has no shortage of interesting kitchen hacks which help to make cooking easier, reveal hidden flavors, or shape your meals into picturesque aesthetics. One new trend which comes courtesy of the video sharing platform sees users turning their hard boiled eggs into mesmerizing shapes using one simple plastic tool. The tool, which is available to purchase on Amazon for those interested, allows users to easily separate their yolks from the egg whites, then hard boil their eggs in a plastic mold to create cutely shaped concoctions.

The final product after boiling eggs in the device produces rolled tubes of eggs with adorably shaped yolks in the center, including flower shapes, star shapes, and even a little heart. A number of TikTok users quickly took to the comments to express their support and interest in the gadget, saying, "I gotta get this" and "Love the eggcitement and the gasps." Others also inquired about customizable versions of this tool, alluding to a popular Disney World breakfast staple which has the iconic Mickey Mouse ears pressed into their eggs.

Is this egg shaping tool worth buying?

The bento box-inspired egg mold is available to purchase for about $20, making it an exceptionally inexpensive kitchen item, despite its status as a single-use gadget. Though the tool does seem simple and easy to use, many commenters on the original TikTok video took issue with the amount of time and effort required to cook the eggs using the device. For starters, you'll need to boil your eggs for about 20 minutes, roughly double the time it takes to hard boil an egg under normal circumstances, while also adding a number of additional steps to the egg-making process.

Despite the cuteness of the shapes, many users on the app seem to feel that the tedium of the tool outweighs its usefulness, with several comments expressing "20 mins is an insane amount of time for an egg" and "yes but also no I'm not doing that" and "it's tedious but it's a great idea for parents whose kids don't like eating eggs." If you don't mind taking the extra time and performing the additional steps to create a more adorable breakfast on occasion, this tool may be for you. Additionally, if flowers and hearts aren't your thing, there are many different styles of egg molds available to purchase online which transform your eggs into a myriad of shapes.