Deep Dish Cookies Are Like Muffins But With A Chewy Center

Cookies and muffins are both classic baked treats — and thanks to one dessert mash-up, you don't even have to choose between the two. Deep dish cookies offer the best of both worlds, delivering a snack that combines the dense texture of muffins and cupcakes with the chewy center of a freshly baked cookie. This spin on a classic dessert is often more filling than an ordinary cookie, and it boasts a unique look. It's also simple to make, especially if you use pre-made dough as the base.

There are several ways to bake deep dish cookies, but the easiest is to purchase some of the best store-bought cookie dough you can find and bake it in a muffin-top pan. Muffin top pans will shape the dessert so it's thicker than your standard cookie, but the end result won't be as deep as it would be using a standard muffin pan.

Those planning to serve deep dish cookies to guests can also opt for a skillet, which will leave your dessert looking more like a cookie cake. These treats are a great addition to parties, and they taste just as delicious as those made on a baking sheet.

Deep dish cookies make room for more ingredients

Deep dish cookies boast a unique texture and an interesting look, but there's another reason to give this dessert a try: The size of these cookies — and means of making them — enables you to add extra ingredients. One of the mistakes you can make when baking cookies is adding too many toppings, as this can ruin the cookies' texture. Because deep dish cookies are less flat and made in a pan, however, they allow for such customizations.

You can put a muffin-top pan to good use by layering caramel, peanut butter, or chocolate between layers of cookie dough, adding even more flavor to your dessert's chewy center. You can also press the cookie dough down in the pan, then top your "cookie muffins" with nuts or candy. Even larger items like Twix bars and chocolate malt balls rest easily atop this dessert. The possibilities are endless, making deep dish cookies a fun treat to experiment with — and, of course, to eat.