Starbucks' Secret Menu Gummy Bear Refresher Only Used 3 Ingredients

Starbucks' secret menu items receive a lot of attention online, and with the emergence of drinks like the Butterbeer Latte and Iced Caramel Pumpkin Macchiato, it's easy to understand why. These beverages can be complicated to order, but they taste so good they're worth the effort. One Starbucks secret menu item was easy to order, and it tasted just like candy. The Gummy Bear Refresher was the perfect Starbucks treat, especially for those celebrating occasions like Halloween or the start of summer. It was made with only three ingredients, so most customers had no trouble remembering what to ask for.

A spin on Starbucks' lineup of Refreshers, the Gummy Bear Refresher was a sweet, iced beverage that blended lemonade, raspberry syrup, and strawberry açaí. The result was a thirst-quenching pink drink that tasted just like gummy bears. There's a reason this secret menu concoction made the rounds on TikTok and Instagram when it first emerged. Unfortunately, Starbucks discontinued raspberry syrup, preventing this trend from continuing. However, this drink isn't too difficult to replicate at home.

You can make the Gummy Bear Refresher at home

Although it's no longer possible to order the Gummy Bear Refresher from Starbucks' secret menu, if you can get your hands on raspberry syrup and strawberry acai juice, it's simple enough to make this drink at home. Add about half a cup of lemonade, two pumps of raspberry syrup, and ice into a shaker. Thoroughly shake the concoction, then pour it into a large cup, ensuring there's space at the top. Finally, top your drink off with strawberry acai juice. You can substitute this ingredient for regular strawberry juice as well.

The Gummy Bear Refresher can be further customized, though online reactions suggest that it's delicious on its own. Topping this beverage with whipped cream can play up its dessert elements and appeal to those with a sweet tooth. These additions will also make this secret menu-inspired beverage look as good as it tastes. If you're looking to add to the social media hype surrounding this drink, a creamy topping will make for an even more impressive TikTok or Instagram post.