Coconut Oil Is The Secret Ingredient To Homemade Magic Shell

Magic Shell is a nostalgic ice cream topping that both kids and adults can enjoy. The magic part comes in when the sauce gets poured on ice cream because the cool temperature causes it to harden from a liquid to a crunchy shell. It may seem like there is a complex method to creating this sugary treat at home, but the key lies within one simple ingredient: coconut oil. 

Regardless of your magic shell flavor, coconut oil is what you'll need to get that cracking sound as you dig into your ice cream. Due to coconut oil's unique nature as a plant-based form of saturated fat, it is a liquid when heated but solidifies once it reaches room temperature. Using coconut oil in your magic shell recipe will allow for that classic crunch, and also is a top trick for ensuring the coating is shiny.  

Making magic shell topping at home is surprisingly easy to do. Simply scoop out a spoonful of your hardened coconut oil and place it in a microwave-safe bowl with some chocolate chips. Microwave this mixture on half power for 30-second intervals and stir intermittently until you have a smooth, glossy sauce. Alternatively, you could use a double boiler on your stovetop to achieve the same melted chocolate result. Let it cool just slightly, spoon the mixture on top of ice cream, then watch the magic happen as the topping solidifies.

Magic shell is extremely customizable

Using coconut oil as the base of your magic shell, mixing and matching your ice cream and dessert topping flavors can help you create a delicious treat. Although vanilla and chocolate are classic ice cream flavors, dark chocolate magic shell also mixes surprisingly well with fruit-based frozen yogurt like raspberry. While some form of chocolate and coconut oil are the only two ingredients you really need for your magic shell, you can also add flavors, extracts, and colors to enhance the coating. 

Beyond choosing between milk chocolate or dark chocolate chips, you can also opt for white chocolate or use caramel baking chips for an indulgent butterscotch flavor. Make a peanut butter magic shell by melting your nut butter and coconut oil with a little bit of sugar, and pour the mixture on top of chocolate ice cream. Try melting white chocolate chips with coconut oil and peppermint extract to make a festive magic shell, then pour it atop ice cream, sprinkling on some crushed candy canes as a topping. 

Creating a fruit-based magic shell with coconut oil, freeze-dried strawberries, and white chocolate is also super easy and gives your sauce a vibrant pink color with only three ingredients. You can also make your own ice cream bars and dunk them in your chocolate and coconut oil mixture, then set aside on a baking tray as the magic shell hardens.