Panda Express Finally Adds Dessert To Its Menu, Celebrating 40 Years In Business

When Andrew and Peggy Cherng opened the first Panda Express in a mall in 1982, the goal was to make the Chinese food they enjoyed accessible to everyone. While favorites like Kung Pao Chicken and eventually the signature Orange Chicken were available to order, if you wanted dessert, you had to go elsewhere. But just in time for the company's 40th anniversary, Panda Express is introducing its first dessert item (other than fortune cookies) to the menu: Apple Pie Rolls.

They won't be around forever, but for a limited time, all Panda Rewards members can redeem an offer for one Apple Pie Roll through the Panda Express app, on, or inside one of the chain's many locations worldwide. According to a press release, the American Chinese dessert is "a combination of juicy apples, fall spices, and cinnamon sugar like a classic American apple pie and wrapped in a crispy and flaky wonton wrapper, like a quintessential Chinese egg roll."

If you're not a Panda Rewards member, don't worry — membership is free. Simply go to or the restaurant's mobile app and sign up so you're eligible for the offer.

Fans have been raving about the new dessert on social media

Following in the footsteps of other major fast food retailers, Panda Express launched its Panda Rewards loyalty program in May 2023. Rewards have varied from 25% just for signing up to free upgrades, food, drinks, and even Family Meals. Accrued points never expire, and members also get a special treat for their birthday.

For those hoping for a chance to redeem multiple Apple Pie Roll offers, the limit is sadly just one. It's also not best to sit on the deal after you get it, as the offer is only good for two weeks after receipt. Plus, once the supply of Apple Pie Rolls runs out, you're out of luck. Luckily, the new dessert will also be available to purchase. According to Panda Express' website, a single Apple Pie Roll is $2.00, and a six-piece is $10.90.

Fans have already started raving about the new dessert on the company's Instagram page. "Got mine today!!! It's pretty delicious," writes one commenter. "The apple pie rolls are sooooo good!" says another. The new Apple Pie Rolls already seem to be well on their way to becoming one of Panda Express' best menu items.