Costco's New Loaded Mashed Potatoes Should've Arrived In November

Costco is well-known for its incredible deals on prepackaged in-store foods and food court staples, such as its famed $1.99 pizza slice and $1.50 hot dog meal. Some social media users, such as @costcohotfinds on Instagram, have even taken to highlighting new additions to Costco's aisles.

One such addition is the chain's new loaded mashed potato dish, which is made with Yukon Golds and smothered with heaping helpings of butter, bacon, sour cream, and cheese — specifically parmesan and mozzarella. Despite the potatoes looking quite delicious in the post, we couldn't help but wonder why Costco would roll this item out now, at the beginning of October, rather than during the Thanksgiving season.

This would be a particularly excellent addition to the Thanksgiving table for young home cooks who are scrambling to properly cook their turkeys, and who may not have time to whip up a fresh batch of mashed potatoes during the routine holiday chaos. Costco's loaded mashed potatoes come in a large serving dish of 3.5 pounds, making them ideal to heat and serve to a crowd.

The perfect pairing for the Costco loaded mashed potatoes

Despite the opportunity Costco missed by rolling these loaded mashed potatoes out a month before they could be truly appreciated, many fans took to the comments of @costcohotfinds' Instagram post to describe their ideal pairing with the deluxe spuds. One commenter offered, "This with a rotisserie chicken! Sooo easy and yummy," while another stated, "I can already taste them with steak and broccoli or [green beans]." The original poster even jokes at the end of the video that the potatoes are large and loaded enough to qualify as a full meal on their own, if you choose to treat them as such.

Many users expressed hope that the massive side dish will remain available through the Thanksgiving holiday, though Costco is known to rotate stock on a fairly rapid basis. Regardless, the dish can still serve as basic inspiration for a home-cooked loaded mashed potato recipe. Additionally, making the potatoes at home for your next Thanksgiving get-together will allow you to customize certain elements of your meal, tailoring the final product to the specific needs and tastes of you and your esteemed guests.