Canned Pumpkin Will Transform Your Homemade Marshmallows For Spooky Season

'Tis the season — for pumpkin spice, that is. For some autumn aficionados, this means ordering a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte and going to a haunted house. For others, this means cozying up at home and making pumpkin spice marshmallows to enjoy with a warm drink.

While there are plenty of ways to make pumpkin spice marshmallows — or pumpkin spice anything, for that matter — a good way to ensure they maintain their flavor and proper moisture is by including some canned pumpkin. As opposed to fresh pumpkin, canned pumpkin requires less effort in terms of roasting, pureeing, straining, etc. Canned pumpkin also provides a more consistent moisture level, which is ideal for finicky recipes like marshmallows.

Of course, this isn't to say you can't use fresh pumpkin in your homemade marshmallows; doing so will just require more time and effort to get the puree to the right consistency and moisture level. If you're eager to save time and effort, though, canned pumpkin is the way to go.

How to enjoy the spookiest pumpkin marshmallows

Crafting the perfect pumpkin spice marshmallow is one thing, but knowing how to use it is another thing entirely. For the most part, you can use pumpkin spice marshmallows in the same way you would use any other kind: You can add them to your Rice Crispy treats, your favorite hot chocolate, or even to your Halloween party's trail mix. And let's be real, the spices in these marshmallows would pair deliciously with cinnamon graham crackers and chocolate for the ultimate s'mores.

Similarly, you could use pumpkin spice marshmallows to upgrade a sweet potato casserole recipe. After all, pumpkin pairs well with sweet potatoes, and you're going to add marshmallows on top of the casserole anyway, so why not use the pumpkin spice variety? If you need to use marshmallows this season, you might as well go all the way with the warm, autumnal flavor profile of pumpkin spice.