You Should Seriously Consider Adding Veggies To Your Cake

Children may want to eschew vegetables in favor of skipping right to dessert, but veggies and desserts don't have to be mutually exclusive. Get the best of both worlds by adding veggies to your batter and making a perfect cake for any occasion. Before you dismiss the idea, just know that veggies tend to work well with baked goods for the same reason fruit does — many veggies have a natural sweetness.

Veggies can also make your cake more moist. Just take the humble carrot, for instance: During World War II, the British began adding carrots to cakes as a form of natural sweetener since sugar supplies were rationed. Today, carrot cakes are a favorite among many, and they, of course, prominently feature shredded carrots. In addition to adding more nutrients and vitamins to your cake, vegetables' moisture lends itself to the batter's consistency, helping prevent a dry dessert. You may feel inclined to leave out or reduce the amount of butter and oil you're using, as well. Important to note, though, is that not all veggies are created equal, so be sure to pick the right kind for your cake.

The right veggies for the job

While you can add any vegetable to a cake, you'll want to seek out the ones that best match your recipe. In particular, blander or sweeter vegetables generally gel well with a cake's typical ingredients. For instance, you might want to consider root vegetables like parsnips or the aforementioned carrots. Beetroots are another solid option that will give your cake a stronger, richer flavor and texture. In particular, this vegetable seems to combine well with chocolate. Try adding it to a classic chocolate cake recipe. If you're in the fall or autumn spirit, then pumpkins or squashes are an easy addition that can add a lot to your cake.

While you can add stronger veggies like broccoli to cakes, it's important to note that not everyone may be a fan. The vegetable has a distinct taste that may not blend as well with other ingredients. When adding vegetables, consider grating them, as this gives your cake a richer texture. Alternatively, you can also puree them and mix them into the batter. If you want to bring out a veggie's natural flavors, consider roasting them before adding them to the mix. Most importantly, have fun with your recipes and feel free to experiment.