How Burger King's Patties Are Actually Made

When it comes to fast food restaurants, most people have a favorite chain they frequent for specific items. While Chick-fil-A may be the spot for chicken and Starbucks for snacks or coffee, Burger King is known for their Whopper. Burger King's popularity secured its spot in the top 10 fast food companies in 2021, but consumers may be wondering what it is that makes Burger King's Whoppers so delicious.

The quality of fast food meat has been questioned over the years, with many chains going the extra mile to address concerns. Burger King has prioritized authenticity and transparency with their burgers from the beginning. According to their website, their patties are 100% beef and have been flame-grilled since they first opened in 1954. Their no-nonsense mentality also includes avoiding additives like fillers and preservatives.

If you're wondering how these burger patties stay fresh without preservatives, it's because they are delivered completely frozen. Chains like Wendy's take pride in their never-frozen beef and they have historically thrown shade at other fast food competitors like McDonald's and Burger King for their frozen disk-like patties. Of course, there is nothing wrong with freezing food products before preparing them. Burger King believes their cooking process is what sets the Whopper apart from other alternatives.

The flame grill marks are real

Burger King's famous Whopper patties may start off frozen, but a short trip through their proprietary broiler and open flames gives it that familiar, smokey taste. 


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Soco Nunez, Marketing director for Burger King UK, said in a statement that "the Whopper is one of a kind" due to the distinct flavor that comes from flame-grilling. Their process has been transparent from the beginning — the frozen patties are exposed to direct high heat before moving through a flame-grilled conveyor belt. Once the patties are cooked, the assembly process is based on the specific burger ordered. A sesame seed bun and fresh produce like lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and pickles are usually included.

Burger King introduced a plant-based burger patty in America in 2019, with the launch of their Impossible Whopper. This vegan-friendly alternative is flame-grilled using the same broiler. While some vegans and vegetarians may not like the cross-contamination, it seems like many would be eager to try this option and appreciate that the cooking process is so similar. Whether you prefer a beef or plant-based Whopper, Burger King's process is no secret, and that's something the chain clearly takes pride in.