Bread Your Chicken With Ritz Crackers For A Buttery Crust

When it comes to breading chicken, you've got plenty of options. You can keep it simple with flour or breadcrumbs, or you can really zhuzh up your chicken with crushed pretzels, chips, or even crackers. Ritz crackers bring flavor notes of salt and butter, both of which can enhance the chicken itself.

Interestingly enough, the texture of Ritz crackers also plays well with breading chicken. Sure, they may be crispy as you bite into them, but Ritz crackers are also on the softer end of the cracker spectrum. This softness allows the cracker to better soak up your egg wash, ultimately creating a perfectly moist breading.

Using Ritz crackers to bread your chicken is as simple as crushing the crackers and dredging your egg-washed chicken in the crumbs. For the most basic Ritz breading, you don't even have to add seasonings –- just let the buttery, salty goodness of the cracker work its magic.

How to upgrade your Ritz cracker breading

While the regular Ritz cracker breading is delicious, you could take the concept a step further. For instance, the original Ritz round crackers come in flavors like roasted vegetable, garlic butter, and everything bagel. Using these in place of regular Ritz crackers could provide additional flavor to your chicken. An everything-bagel fried chicken recipe? Sounds like a game-changer.

Ritz crackers also come in toasted and oven-baked versions, with flavors like sour cream and onion, four cheese and herb, cheddar, barbeque, and ranch. The breading possibilities are endless, and that's just using crackers straight out of the box.

To really make a Ritz cracker breading your own, you can add whatever herbs and spices suit your fancy – Italian seasoning, black pepper, or garlic powder, to name just a few. Your cracker crumb breading is customizable to any meal. Just add seasonings that complement your appetizers, sides, and dips.