Sour Patch Kids Will Give You Money For Cringey Pics From Your Past

Sour Patch Kids candy reminds many people of the Halloween seasons of their childhoods, so it's perfectly fitting that the popular sour candy's Halloween campaign is taking fans back to their youth. Sour Patch Kids has announced "Cringe or Candy," a new online photo challenge that's perfect for a nostalgic spooky season. If you, like many adults, have a particularly embarrassing photo from your youth, then this could be the easiest few thousand dollars you've ever made.

If this challenge sounds right up your alley, then you have from now until October 31 to visit the Cringe or Candy website. Simply sign up and get ready to take a potentially humiliating trip down memory lane. As the website says, you must "face the ghosts of your past" and upload an allegedly cringey photo of yourself. Depending on your luck, you'll either get "sour shame or a sweet reward." The sweet reward in question is $5,000, which, of course, includes Sour Patch Kids. It seems the brand really knows how to put a nostalgic twist on trick-or-treat.

The Cringe or Candy challenge features a special guest

If this unique challenge wasn't enough to take you straight back to the good old days, the minds behind Sour Patch Kids also want everyone to take this opportunity to remember the Fridays of their youth. They found the perfect person to kick off the challenge in a way only she could. Singer-songwriter Rebecca Black was only 13 years old when her song, "Friday," took the world by storm — for better or for worse. Now, the 26-year-old isn't afraid to poke a little fun at her former self. She wrote her own song, "Can't Outrun the Ghost," in honor of the Cringe or Candy challenge


can’t outrun your past ;) ty @therealsourpatchkids for the reminder lol #ghostsfromyourpast

♬ Can’t Outrun the Ghost – Sour Patch Kids x Rebecca Black


In Black's TikTok video, she proudly shows off a photo of herself as a teenager in her "Friday" era before changing into the same outfit from the photo while performing her new song. Fittingly, the caption reads, "can't outrun your past." This challenge is a playful reminder that everyone had an embarrassing moment or two in their youth, and there's no better time to reminisce about it than spooky season.