Pizza Hut Is Late To The Girl Math Trend With Its New $7 Deal Lovers Menu

Pizza Hut is putting its own spin on TikTok's "Girl Math" trend by launching a new $7 Deal Lovers' menu on October 24. While the chain is a little late to the party, this new menu pokes fun at the idea that some purchases just don't count when operating on "Girl Math," like the affordable $7 breadsticks, pizzas, and more. In total, the menu will feature 17 options, which are basically free if you are a believer of such logic.

This viral trend got its start when TikTok creator Samantha Jane posted a video explaining how the mathematics work, essentially elaborating on the different ways people rationalize their budgeting, spending, and saving habits — one example being: "Anything under $5 is pretty much free."  Hundreds of TikTok users leapt to join in, creating their own videos about how the idea of "Girl Math" applies to their personal tendencies. This idea began trending during the summer of 2023, although Pizza Hut's stab at it comes several months later, as the trend is potentially on its way out. 

The new 'Girl Math' menu at Pizza Hut basically gives you food for free

You won't need a calculator for Pizza Hut's new "Girl Math"-inspired Deal Lovers' menu, which adds up to a bargain. Not only are 17 different Pizza Hut menu items $7 or less, but the restaurant chain will also pay for you to try it with one free item off of the menu in a limited-time promo. 

All you have to do is visit and fill out a form demonstrating the "Girl Math" you applied to your $7 Deal Lover's menu purchase. (We promise this will be much easier than explaining "Girl Math" to your grammar school teacher; basically, just link to your TikTok post or write a quick recap.) You'll then receive a $7 electronic gift card for your next Pizza Hut Deal Lover's Menu order, literally making it free.

In addition to debuting three new items on the $7 Deal Lovers' Menu — roasted garlic cheese sticks, bacon cheddar cheese sticks, and chocolate donut bites — Pizza Hut is also partnering with TikTok influencer Anna Sitar to help promote the new launch. She will lead a Girl Math-terclass about how to enjoy the new menu in seven different ways, enough for every day of the week.