Give Ramen Noodles An Italian Twist By Turning Them Into Lasagna

Pasta is a pantry staple, but unless you've been obsessed with Bethenny Frankel's favorite mini lasagna recipe, you might not have a box of lasagna noodles on hand. You may, however, have a few packs of instant ramen stashed away, which, believe it or not, you can actually transform into the classic Italian dish.

Now, we know what you might be thinking: "Just because I can make lasagna with ramen, does that mean I should?" A number of TikTokers were also skeptical after user @ramenkingivan debuted the dish in a TikTok video back in 2020. However, after whipping up the viral meal for themselves, many have found that the answer to that question is an absolute yes.

Making this unique culinary mash-up is actually pretty similar to making a traditional lasagna. Start by cutting your brick of ramen noodles in half and layering them on the bottom of your baking dish. Next, add a layer of your favorite pasta sauce followed by a layer of cheese. Continue adding your ingredients in this order until your dish is full, making sure to add a generous amount of cheese to the final layer. Pop it into the oven until the noodles are al dente (about 35-40 minutes at 350 degrees), and you're ready to enjoy.

Get creative when making TikTok's viral ramen lasagna

Swapping traditional lasagna noodles for ramen may seem like a major lasagna mistake. However, as Dan-O's seasoning founder Dan Oliver recently discovered, making that switch actually isn't such a bad idea. "I don't see how this is going to be good," Oliver said at the beginning of a TikTok video on September 30 in which they re-created the viral dish. But after taking a bite, they quickly changed their tune, saying, "That's legitimately really, really good...I'm crazy impressed with that."


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Oliver's sentiments were echoed by a number of others on social media, including UFC president Dana White, who declared the mash-up an "absolute winner." Majid Rashwan of Blatant Reviewz was also pleasantly surprised and awarded the meal a respectable score of 4.2 out of 5.

One great aspect of ramen lasagna is that it can be made in individual portions and is highly customizable. You can try experimenting with some unique cheeses, or add veggies or meat to make the meal a bit heartier. Some people have also added extra flavor to the hybrid dish by sprinkling in the seasoning that comes with instant ramen. But if that addition sounds a bit off-putting, there are plenty of alternative uses for those ramen seasoning packets.