Stuff Your Waffles For More Variation In Taste And Texture

Waffles are a delicious breakfast meal. They have a crispy exterior and a fluffy interior, and you can top them with whatever you like, from syrup to fruits to whipped cream. But that's only looking at them from one perspective. Instead of just piling sweets on top, you can stuff a waffle with a variety of ingredients to transform it into a dish that is suitable for any time of day.

One of the great things about waffles is that they have a rather neutral taste and due to this, it doesn't take much to nudge them in a particular flavor direction. This means they can be sweet, savory, or whatever you crave, depending on the ingredients you put inside — a waffle stuffed with chocolate chips will obviously taste much different than a waffle stuffed with, well, stuffing. But beyond flavor, the ingredients you add to the center of your waffle will also change its texture. This can make biting into a stuffed waffle an adventure wrapped in a mystery.

Three methods of waffle-stuffing

Depending on your ingredients and the outcome you desire, there are three ways you can stuff a waffle. The first way is to mix your ingredients into the batter. For example, if you wanted a little crunch to your waffles, you could stir crumbled bacon or chopped nuts into the batter. Pour this mixture into your waffle maker and cook as you usually would. This way, your ingredients will be mixed throughout your entire waffle.

The second way to get a stuffed waffle is to add the ingredients in layers. The batter stays plain. You put a small amount on your waffle maker for the bottom; add your special ingredients, whether you're going for sliced meat or jelly; and top with a little more plain batter. It might take a little practice to keep from overfilling the waffle iron, but once you get the proportions right, it's a simple way to get the outcome you desire. Plus, the added ingredients being in the middle of your waffle keeps things nice and neat.

The third way is to make a waffle as usual. When it is done, slice it in half (like a roll), and add your ingredients. You could argue that this is more of a sandwich, but it's still an option for someone who wants to add a little variety to the texture and flavor of their waffle.