Those Nostalgic Flintstones Push-Ups Still Exist ... Sort Of

Nothing says "summer in the late '90s" quite like a Flintstones Push-Up pop. These ice cream treats were unique and delicious, but most people haven't seen or heard of them since they were kids. This naturally may lead you to believe that they're just another discontinued frozen dessert, but you may be surprised to find out that they still exist. Get ready for a nostalgia-fueled run to the grocery store.

Fred Flintstone and his modern stone-age family don't have the popularity they once did, so it's really no big shock that they're no longer the face of this particular kind of popsicle. The television show's popularity is a big part of how they ended up on the Fruity Pebbles box — and still haven't left. Whether they're promoted by the Flintstones or not, though, Nestle Push-Up pops exist, and you can find them practically everywhere, from Walmart to Sam's Club.

One box comes with three Push-Up pops, each one a different flavor, either Cherry Blast, Turbo Grape, or Outrageous Orange. This differs slightly from the product's original flavors, each of which corresponded with a particular character from the "Flintstones" show: Fred's Yabba Dabba Doo Orange, Wilma's Limerock Lime, and Barney's Raspberry Rubble.

Push-Up pops are still special

There's nothing unique about a popsicle, but Push-Up pops are different. They effectively give consumers a way to eat sherbet on the go, as their unusual packaging makes them a mess-free frozen treat. Push-Up pops come in hollow cardboard cylinders with a bottom and stem that functions as a handle. As you eat the sherbet from the top, you can push up on the bottom to expose more of the treat. This prevents drips while also allowing you to enjoy your icy treat on the go.

While Push-Up pops do still exist (and are inarguably less accident-prone than other popsicles), they lack the popularity they had in the mid-'90s thanks to the beloved "Flintstones" characters. The pops were so popular back then that they introduced extra flavors, including Dino's Granite Grape, Baby Puss' Bedrock Berry, and Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm's Cave Kid Cherry. Additionally, Cool Cream Push-Ups were released, which swirl together sherbet and vanilla ice cream in each pop. While you can no longer enjoy these flavors of the past, enjoying a Nestle Push-Up pop may just take you back to the summers of your youth — at the very least, they'll give you a tasty treat without a big mess.