How To Clean Glass Pans So They Become Crystal Clear

As you regularly put your glass baking dishes through intense culinary workouts — using them as vessels for everything from sweet potato casserole to lasagna — it's likely they'll accumulate some brown and yellow stains. The quickest way to remove those is to use products you probably already have at home. A combination of baking soda and dish soap can effectively take down the toughest remnants.

There are a couple of proactive measures you can take to prevent the buildup of food altogether, though. First and foremost, use cooking spray sparingly. It's the main cause of nasty stains, so only use what you need. Secondly, it's key to wash the dish by hand as soon as possible, because the longer the stains sit on the glass, the more stuck they become. Food remnants don't let go easily, so you might be tempted to purchase products that promise to eliminate the greasy dregs from your baking dish. Indeed, there are a number of specific products that have grease-removing power (oven cleaner is known to do the job), but don't run to the store just yet. There are two simple kitchen cleaning products you likely already have that can easily tackle the greasy remnants on your glass pans.

Soak your dish in baking soda and dish soap

If stains are clinging to your glass baking dishes, turn to your pantry for the solution. As mentioned, baking soda and dish soap are a dynamic team that will handle stuck-on grease and food residue. To try this method, simply coat the dish in baking soda and dish soap. Add some hot water, and let the mixture soak for 15 minutes. As you scrub away the stains with a plastic or nylon sponge, continue to add baking soda to the dish until the glass is crystal clear.

This strategy works because baking soda is mildly abrasive but won't scratch the glass, and dish soap lifts away oil and dirt. The kitchen cleaning hack also has a number of applications all over your house. Use this method for everything from your stainless steel sink to your bathtub and shower to the inside of your fridge. Make those stubborn stains a thing of the past!