Tired Of Savory Cornbread? Use Cornmeal To Make Cookies Instead

Cornbread is divisive. If you are from the North, chances are, you think of cornbread as a cake. It may be made with a mix of cornmeal and flour, along with sugar. This can give it a sweeter, dessert-like appeal that some will claim is not real cornbread. This is likely because cornbread recipes that are typical in the South often call for no sugar. If you are tired of savory, rather than getting embroiled in the whole "controversy," why not sidestep the issue? Instead of making cornbread, use cornmeal to make a batch of cookies instead.

While it is definitely possible to make savory cookies, people probably won't be surprised (or upset) if your cornmeal cookies are sweet. In fact, hopefully, they will appreciate it. Cornmeal cookies deliver a delightful balance of flavors that may make you rethink both cornbread and cookies. Best of all, they can be a delicious way to enjoy a sweet version of cornbread without ruffling anyone's feathers.

What to remember when making cookies with cornmeal

If you want to use cornmeal to make cookies, there are a few things to keep in mind. Cornmeal is not the same as flour. The good news is cornmeal is naturally gluten-free. Remember, if you're seriously avoiding gluten you still must read the label to learn if it is manufactured in a gluten-free facility.

Another aspect to consider when making cornmeal cookies is texture. Cornmeal is grittier than flour. If you are searching for a sweeter way to consume cornmeal, however, you already know this. But if anyone wants to sample one of your treats, you might want to give them a heads-up before they take that first bite.

Due to this textural difference, you probably don't want to replace all the flour with cornmeal when making cookies. The best option is to aim for replacing half the flour with cornmeal, as this gives you the best of both ingredients.