The Best And Worst Food & Drink Advent Calendars Of 2023, Based On User Reviews

As the year winds down and the holiday season approaches, it's time to delve into one of the most delightful and delicious traditions of the season: advent calendars. We're here to explore both the crème de la crème and the absolute lemons of the food and drink advent calendars available for the 2023 season.

Advent calendars have come a long way since the days of plain chocolate behind every window. Today you can count down to Christmas with an array of edible and sippable surprises. From artisanal chocolates to craft beers, these calendars are designed to tantalize your taste buds and make your holidays just a little bit sweeter.

But, as we know, not all calendars are created equal. For every hidden gem that delights your senses, there's a disappointment that leaves you wondering why you invested in it. That's where we come in — to guide you through the maze of choices, revealing the best and worst food and drink advent calendars of 2023. We evaluated each calendar based on user reviews and how much value you're getting for your money. Grab a cozy beverage, put on your stretchy pants, and join us as we unwrap the calendars that aim to help make this holiday season the most delicious one yet.

Best: Bonne Maman Fruit Spreads and Honey

Our first standout, the Bonne Maman Fruit Spreads and Honey advent calendar, undoubtedly deserves its spot in the "Best" category. With an almost perfect rating on World Market's website and a loyal following among foodies, this calendar is a perennial favorite.

What sets it apart is its exquisite assortment of 24 mini spreads, including preserves, jellies, and honey. Crafted using traditional French recipes, these delectable treats bear the mark of the popular Bonne Maman brand, known for its premium quality and flavors that transport you straight to the French countryside. The miniature size is perfect for a single serving, allowing you to customize your toast, scone, or bagel every day leading up to the holidays. But the excitement doesn't stop there. 

With an affordable price of under $50 and its combination of tradition and innovation, Bonne Maman's advent calendar is a top contender for the best food and drink advent calendar of 2023.

Worst: World Market 12 Cocoas of Christmas

Next up on our list is the 12 Cocoas of Christmas advent calendar from World Market, which unfortunately earns its place among our less stellar entries. This calendar offers a dozen K-Cups of hot cocoa pods in various flavors, including caramel, hazelnut, creme brulée, dark chocolate, raspberry, gingerbread, and more. For those who enjoy lighter flavors, this calendar might hold some appeal. However, this calendar falls short for anyone expecting bold, rich cocoa experiences. Some of the reviews say that this calendar is best suited for those who favor subtler tastes.

Another drawback is the use of K-Cups, which may not sit well with eco-conscious consumers. Lastly, this advent calendar lacks the fun of opening a door each day to reveal a surprise treat. The packaging is not as interactive as many other advent calendars on our list. While the $15 price point might be tempting, there are more enticing calendars available that provide a broader spectrum of flavors and experiences, making this one land in our "Worst" category for 2023.

Best: Hickory Farms 12 Days of Charcuterie Advent Calendar

Hickory Farms' 12 Days of Charcuterie Advent Calendar easily secures its place in our "Best" category, offering a tantalizing selection of meats, cheeses, spreads, and sweets that's hard to resist.

The contents of this calendar are a true charcuterie lover's dream. Included are mouthwatering treats like beef summer sausage, farmhouse cheddar, and strawberry fig jam, just to name a few. In addition, the calendar includes flavorful Belgian ale mustard and an array of chocolate surprises. Each day, you'll unveil a new treat, allowing you to savor and appreciate the festive flair of a cheese board at your own pace.

Though it comes with a slightly higher price point at $64.99, this calendar is a must-have for charcuterie enthusiasts. The box itself is well-crafted, featuring individual drawers to elegantly present each day's treasure. Hickory Farms' 12 Days of Charcuterie Advent Calendar is a delightful journey through both sweet and savory that is sure to make any food lover's holiday season even more special.

Worst: Joe & Seph's Popcorn Advent Calendar

The Joe & Steph's Popcorn Advent Calendar is a prime example of a promising concept gone wrong. This calendar boasts 24 doors, each concealing snack-sized packets of Joe & Seph's artisan-crafted popcorn. There are a dozen flavors to sample, including salted caramel, raspberry cheesecake, and double chocolate.

However, the overwhelming consensus among reviewers on World Market's site is negative. Many report that the popcorn inside these festive doors is stale, a significant disappointment for any popcorn lover. To add insult to injury, several reviewers expressed disappointment in the size of the popcorn bags, finding them to be on the small side.

Priced at $34.99, this calendar's cost seems disproportionate to both the quantity and the quality of the popcorn it delivers. While the idea of a popcorn advent calendar is enticing, the execution leaves much to be desired. We recommend that popcorn enthusiasts explore more satisfying and fresh options.

Best: Harry & David Advent Cookie Calendar

Harry & David stands as a premier provider of festive and opulent food-centric gifts. The company's Advent Cookie Calendar is no exception. It is a must-have for Christmas cookie aficionados.

With a sparkling 4.8-star review average on Harry & David's website, this calendar is all about celebrating the holiday season with luxury. Inside, you'll discover an array of decadent treats, including dark chocolate-covered peppermint cookies, vanilla shortbread cookies with sanding sugar, double chocolate cherry cookies, gingerbread sandwich cookies, peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies, raspberry galettes, and raspberry-filled tree-cutout shortbread cookies. Each door reveals a new surprise, and what better way to celebrate the holidays than with festive cookies?

Customer reviews rave about the cookies' great taste. Beyond the cookies themselves, the calendar is also designed thoughtfully, featuring sturdy drawers and an elegant presentation that's perfect for displaying on your countertop throughout the season.

While the $99.99 price tag may seem steep for some, for those in search of a fresh-tasting and luxurious food advent calendar, Harry & David is a trusted brand that delivers quality and an unforgettable gourmet experience. This Advent Cookie Calendar is, without a doubt, the epitome of holiday indulgence.

Worst: Williams Sonoma Chuck's Luxury Advent Calendar

Williams Sonoma is undoubtedly a trusted brand when it comes to food-themed gifts. However, this year's Williams Sonoma Chuck's Luxury Advent Calendar sadly finds itself in our "Worst" category for advent calendars in 2023. This may come as a surprise, considering the brand's reputation, but sometimes even trusted names miss the mark.

The calendar's contents include a variety of items, such as preserves, balsamic vinegar, olive oils, and even ornaments and candles. While the presentation, with sturdy drawers and thoughtful packaging, is appealing, the steep price tag for what's inside leaves us, and many potential buyers, raising an eyebrow.

Reviews from past years consistently criticize the high cost, with some customers pointing out that purchasing the items individually would be a more economical choice. The expense of this item doesn't seem to align with the value received.

In a world full of delightful and reasonably priced options, Chuck's Luxury Advent Calendar doesn't appear to be the best choice for those looking to make the most of their holiday season. Exploring other alternatives might lead to a more fulfilling and budget-friendly experience in 2023.

Worst: Le Belge Assorted Chocolate Advent Calendar

World Market brings us the Le Belge Assorted Chocolate Advent Calendar. This calendar features 24 pieces of assorted chocolate flavors, promising a delightful surprise behind each door. However, the reality falls short of expectations.

While some may appreciate the element of surprise in discovering unique chocolate flavors each day, the reviews on World Market's site aren't great. Criticisms center on the quality of the chocolate, with some customers expressing that it tastes artificial and lacks genuine cocoa richness. An even more disheartening issue is the functionality of the calendar itself. Some users have noted that the chocolate pieces fail to stay in their designated doors, which effectively ruins the joy of the advent calendar experience. After all, what's the fun in opening a door if there's nothing inside?

With an affordable price of $24.99, it may seem tempting. However, our advice is to allocate your budget towards options of higher quality. Your wallet and your taste buds deserve better than a disappointing chocolate experience, and there are plenty of other calendars out there that won't leave you feeling let down.

Worst: Williams Sonoma Christmas Popcorn Advent Calendar

Williams Sonoma's Christmas Popcorn Advent Calendar may look like a festive and tantalizing treat on the surface, but it loses points due to its high price and the disparity between value and cost.

This calendar features 24 doors, each revealing popcorn kernels, seasoning blends, and recipes from Wabash Valley Farms. The diversity of popcorn options, as well as the variety of seasoning packets in flavors like dill pickle, creamy ranch, and sweet caramel, make it seem like the calendar would add a dash of excitement to the countdown to the holidays.

However, what disappoints here is the price. At $70 for 3 pounds of popcorn and 11 ounces of popcorn seasoning, it's a steep investment for what you receive. While the festive tree shape and the concept are definitely appealing, we are just not sure this calendar is worth its price. Your holiday season should be a delight, not just a dent in your wallet.

Best: Oliviers & Co. Advent Calendar

For food enthusiasts and culinary explorers, the Oliviers & Co. Advent Calendar is an exciting find. This calendar offers 24 numbered doors, each concealing a gourmet selection of products that will elevate your kitchen game to a whole new level.

Inside, you'll uncover a treasure trove of delectable products imported from France, Morocco, Italy, and Portugal. The contents range from flavorful extra-virgin olive oils and vinegars to luxurious truffles, unique jams, sweet honey, and artisan salts, ensuring every day brings a new and exciting experience in the kitchen.

What makes this calendar truly exceptional is not just its quality but its affordability. At around $86, it's a reasonable investment for anyone looking to delve into the world of luxury culinary offerings. This calendar serves as an opportunity for foodies to experiment with unique flavors and indulge in a variety of fancy products without committing to full-sized purchases. Whether you're a seasoned chef or an aspiring home cook, Oliviers & Co's Advent Calendar promises to be a journey of flavors, from aromatic basil olive oil to delightful caramelized hazelnut truffles.

Worst: Charbonnel et Walker Chocolate & Truffle Advent Calendar

The Charbonnel et Walker Chocolate & Truffle Advent Calendar is undeniably an alluring concept, promising 25 handmade chocolates with flavors ranging from milk fudge vanilla to gingerbread truffle. These chocolatey treats are crafted with the finest ingredients by master British confectioners and come individually packed in a gold box, with each truffle placed into a sturdy numbered drawer. The idea of indulging in luxury confections during the holiday season is definitely appealing, and the cabinet-style presentation certainly adds a touch of elegance. 

However, this calendar doesn't make the cut for the "Best" category due to its staggering price of $139.95. While Charbonnel et Walker's truffles typically sell for approximately $3-4 each, the advent calendar averages out to around $5 or more per truffle. It's true that convenience and variety can come at a premium, but this calendar's cost outweighs the value it delivers. For those who appreciate luxury chocolate and feel that purchasing from Williams Sonoma is easier than ordering from Charbonnel et Walker's website, the price may be justifiable, but overall, this chocolate-lover's advent calendar doesn't offer compelling value. 

Best: Around the World in 24 Wines

Flying Blue Imports' Costco-exclusive Around the World in 24 Wines is a top pick for 2023's advent calendars. This annual tradition is a hot item, often selling out quickly, and this year's edition, with its passport theme, is bound to be no exception.

Priced at $99.99, the same as in previous years, it offers a veritable treasure trove of wines from around the world, all in half-bottle sizes. The selection includes a variety of white, red, and rosé wines, ensuring that every day of your wine-filled countdown to the holidays brings a delicious surprise.

The calendar includes a total of 24 375-milliliter bottles, making it an excellent way to explore diverse wines without breaking the bank. At just over $4 for each half-bottle, you're not only embarking on a wine adventure but also getting excellent value for your money. What's more, this year's calendar has been positively reviewed and is considered an improvement over previous editions. 

Worst: Sugarfina Santa's Candy Shop Advent Calendar

Sugarfina's Santa's Candy Shop Advent Calendar is without a doubt an adorable and festive choice for those with a sweet tooth. It's packed with gourmet gummies and chocolates, showcasing the creativity and flavors of the respected candy brand Sugarfina. The calendar features a charming design, making it a fun and whimsical addition to the holiday season, especially for kids and the young at heart.

However, at $55, this calendar is a substantial investment for something that consists primarily of gummies. And while the presentation and variety of treats are enticing, we feel the price doesn't quite match the value received.

For those who appreciate gourmet candies and unique flavors, it might still be a tempting choice. But considering the cost, there are alternative options that offer better value. While Sugarfina's take on a holiday advent calendar is undeniably charming, it may not be the most cost-effective way to satisfy your sweet cravings during the holiday season.

Worst: Williams Sonoma Woodford Reserve 8 Days of Spirit

The Woodford Reserve 8 Days of Spirit advent calendar from Williams Sonoma is certainly an enticing concept for cocktail enthusiasts. Packed with eight individual portions of artisanal mixers and barrel-aged bitters from the iconic Kentucky distiller, Woodford Reserve, this calendar holds the potential to elevate your at-home mixology game.

However, at $145.95 for a total of 9.46 fluid ounces of mixers, it's an investment that we have a hard time justifying. While the convenience of having a variety of mixers perfectly portioned for crafting individual cocktails is an appealing proposition, the steep price tag raises eyebrows. Each mixer makes four cocktails, which, when you break it down, could turn out cheaper than going out to a bar but only if you already have the liquor on hand. If you need to purchase liquor as well, the overall cost becomes even more prohibitive.

For those with a well-stocked home bar and a taste for luxury with a budget to match, this calendar might still hold some appeal, but there are more cost-effective ways to enjoy craft cocktails during the holiday season. For example, Williams Sonoma sells full sizes of the Woodford Reserve mixers at a much cheaper price per ounce.

Best: Best of Harry & David Advent Calendar

Harry & David's Best of Harry & David Advent Calendar is an extravagant feast, featuring over 7 pounds of sumptuous food and treats. This opulent assortment is designed to delight the senses and the palate, making it a standout choice.

The calendar boasts a wide variety of gourmet delights, from Royal Riviera Pears to a selection of Moose Munch, the brand's premium popcorn that is covered in chocolate. It doesn't stop there; the calendar offers an array of other delectable items too, including smoked pork summer sausage, relishes, trail mixes, dried fruits, cookies, truffles, and much more.

It's true that this calendar comes with a steep price tag — nearly $200 — but the value is worth it for those who want a luxury experience during the holiday season. With a resounding 4.9-star rating, it's well-received by customers who hail it as an excellent gift for friends, family, or even yourself. For those who appreciate gourmet indulgence and enjoy sampling a wide range of Harry & David's offerings, this calendar is the ultimate culinary countdown. It's a testament to the company's commitment to providing quality, giftable treats year after year.

Worst: Kalea Brewer's Advent Calendar

The Kalea Brewer's Advent Calendar, an annual release available from Costco, seems like a no-brainer for any beer lover's holiday wish list. However, there is a consensus among reviewers that the beer selections in Costco's advent calendars have historically fallen short of expectations.

This calendar features 24 beer selections, which, in theory, should be a delightful journey through the world of brewing. The manufacturer's website claims that the cans of beer are sourced from a variety of privately owned small German breweries and touts the wide range of styles showcased in the calendar. Yet customer reviews reveal that the brews aren't up to par. One customer suggested on Reddit that beer lovers would be better off creating their own beer advent calendar by purchasing singles from a liquor store like Total Wine. We agree that making your own might be a more satisfying alternative since it's clear that the Brewer's Advent Calendar doesn't measure up.