The Costco Shopping Cart Hack That Keeps Wine Bottles Secure

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If you're a Costco member, then you probably already know that shopping there can save you money on wine as well as your other groceries. When you're buying multiple wine bottles at once, though, keeping them secure in your cart is vital. Luckily, there's a Costco hack you need to know that comes straight from a Costco employee that can keep your bottles secure using the cart itself.

Costco is known for being one of the best places to shop if you like to buy in bulk. While some shoppers sleep on the warehouse store as an option for stocking up their bar cart, this is another great way to take advantage of the savings. Still, no one wants wine bottles clanking around to spoil their bulk wine shopping. This hack ensures that your wine bottles aren't going anywhere — no matter how many you have in your cart. Content creators and life hack aficionados, Dave and Liz, posted a video to TikTok that shows just how to keep your wine bottles from rolling around in your cart. In less than two weeks, the viral video had raked in nearly 57,000 likes. The video's popularity makes it clear that if wine bottles clanking around your shopping cart is a problem for you, you're not alone. The hack is as easy as laying your bottles down in the right spot. While it's an ideal trick if you're buying multiple bottles, this hack isn't useful only at Costco.

The art of keeping wine bottles secure

Deploying this advice, your wine bottles will occupy the front portion of the cart that small children normally sit in. Flip the plastic flaps up so that they aren't covering the bottom. Next, you can lay the wine bottles flat and use the holes between the shopping cart bars to keep each bottle secure. Not only does doing this prevent the bottles from rolling around, but it also keeps them separate from each other. That means there's a lower chance of breaking the bottles.


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If this hack wasn't cool enough all on its own, the top comment makes it even better. One commenter suggested, "Now roll them over so that the barcode is accessible and the checkout peeps will love it." Not only will your bottles be safe while you shop but you may not even have to move them until you get them to your car. Now that's shopping smarter, not harder. 

Even if you don't worry too much about broken bottles, there's another reason to keep your wine bottles from moving around that you may not know. When wine bottles vibrate, it actually causes chemical reactions in the wine that can make it age more rapidly. So, keeping your wine bottles safe in the cart is more important than you might have thought. Consequently, if you're someone who finds yourself frequently buying multiple bottles, it may be wise to invest in a wine tote with separate sections like this one