Sometimes The Best Way To Discover New Aldi Items Is Word Of Mouth

Few grocery store chains receive as much buzz as Aldi. Shoppers are always excited to hear about the store's new products, and some folks even believe that certain Aldi brand products are better than the name-brand originals. Surprisingly, though, the company itself isn't the most likely reason you've heard of Aldi before. Marketing isn't quite as big of a priority for the chain as it is for others; in fact, Aldi would prefer customers get some of their information about the chain's goings-on through word of mouth.

Aldi has garnered a reputation for offering competitive prices, but in order to make its products as affordable as possible, the chain must save money elsewhere. One way it does this is by spending a bit less money on marketing than it likely could. Most supermarkets run ads online, on the radio, or on TV, but Aldi rarely does so. Instead, the minds behind the popular store likely hope that new customers will be brought in by recommendations from other customers and that folks will return when they hear about new Aldi Finds or specific products. Few Aldi customers likely notice this element of the brand's marketing, but knowing that the company relies on word of mouth can be a great way to keep abreast of current bargains.

Aldi's word of mouth can improve your shopping strategy

Part of Aldi's business model likely relies on folks talking to one another about the store's products and passing along information. Fortunately, this can also work to shoppers' advantage. Talking to other fans of the supermarket about the best and worst foods to buy at Aldi or the most exciting Aldi Finds is a great way to discover new favorite items (and know what to avoid). This doesn't mean, though, that you need to ask other shoppers in the produce aisle what they're buying or bring up Aldi at your next dinner party — there are other ways to get your grocery news.

The Aldi Aisle of Shame Community is a Facebook page that's essentially like having a large group of Aldi fans right at your fingertips, and they love discussing new products. The page has over 2 million members, and joining them can make it easier to know when it's time to head to the store — and what to pick up when you do. Besides the large Facebook community, there are plenty of other social media accounts you can follow to make sure you're in the know, like @theamazingaldi on Instagram or @aldiallthetime on TikTok, among many others. And, of course, creating a group chat that includes all the other Aldi shoppers you know certainly wouldn't hurt.