Walter's Coffee Roastery In Istanbul Is Inspired By Breaking Bad

There aren't too many parts of "Breaking Bad" that we'd like to experience in real life. However, the scene where Gale Boetticher makes Walter White the perfect cup of coffee? We definitely wouldn't mind giving that a try, and we're sure other fans of the hit AMC show would probably agree.

"In my opinion, it's all about the quinic acid level," Boetticher explains, which, true or not, might sound a bit too advanced for those of us without an organic chemistry degree. At Walter's Coffee Roastery, however, employees take care of the coffee brewing and the science behind it, so all you have to do is sit back and relax with your cup of joe. Located in Istanbul, Turkey, the "Breaking Bad"-inspired coffee shop that opened its door in 2015 is the first-ever coffee laboratory, specializing in daily coffee roasting.

The cafe's website touts its emphasis on chemistry and scientific precision. As for its "Breaking Bad" theme? In addition to being a fan of the show, Deniz Kosan has said that the idea was inspired by his cousin, who Kosan believes bears some resemblance to the one who knocks.

Customers sip coffee out of chemistry lab equipment at Walter's Coffee Roastery

Visitors of Walter's Coffee Roastery will notice many callbacks to "Breaking Bad," starting with the hazmat jumpsuits the employees wear. Bright yellow from head to toe, the one-pieces are almost exact replicas of the ones that Walter White and Jesse Pinkman don while cooking their infamous blue methamphetamine.

Speaking of blue meth, Walter's Coffee Roastery also had a cupcake on their food menu topped with crushed blue candy. There were also three full breakfasts available including Walter's Breakfast, which featured two sunny-side-up eggs, breakfast potatoes, sausage, and the pièce de résistance: a stack of pancakes branded with the image of Heisenberg's face in the form of powdered sugar. Unfortunately, however, a 2022 Trip Advisor review suggested that it may have pared its food offerings down to just a pastry case featuring goodies like cheesecake and brownies. But the latter earned high marks from the reviewer.

Arguably more important than the sustenance available at Walter's is its coffee. Reviewers on Trip Advisor have praised the brand's dirty chai and mocha, but the brand offers a slew of other hot and cold beverages, including lattes, tea, and even an affogato. In another nod to "Breaking Bad," drinks are served in Erleynmeyer flasks and beakers and can be sipped on in front of a wall decorated with a massive periodic table.