The Easy Method For Grilling Frozen Tater Tots

Even though they're insanely tasty, and many believe them to even be superior to the mighty french fry, tater tots are not at the top of the list when considering foods to toss on the barbecue grill. For starters, you're likely picturing putting them directly on the grill, which would inevitably mean that a good 99% of them would fall to their charcoal-surrounded demise within the first few seconds. Well, unfortunately, the method we're discussing today does take a sliver more preparation than that. We assure you, though, it's worth it. It's still an incredibly simple way to enjoy tater tots in a whole new way. 

Though it may seem baffling to some, tater tots are among a surprising number of unlikely foodstuffs that are great on the grill. The method involves taking a foil surface such as a plate or pan and applying an adequate amount of cooking oil. Once the plate has been heated up on the grill, you can add the most highly-rated frozen tater tots and get sizzling. A key point to remember, however, is to keep the individual tater tots moving, as you'll need to make sure that they all cook evenly. Once they're properly toasted through, they'll be ready to enjoy hot off the grill. Just have that ketchup bottle and salt shaker handy. 

Grilled tots are versatile

Once the tots are off the grill, it's not a given that they must be eaten as is. They're as versatile as any other potato-based snack and can be dressed up in a variety of interesting ways. One way to add pizzazz to your freshly barbecued tots is to make nachos, or tot-chos, out of them. With the simple addition of melted cheese, meat, sour cream, and all the other trimmings of traditional nachos, tots can be swapped in for tortilla chips with mouth-watering results. Or, take a note out of Domino's playbook and go the "loaded" route. This could mean using the ingredients of a Philly cheese steak to create the sensation of biting into the classic hoagie with a grilled tater tot twist. We'd be remiss if we didn't encourage a generous sprinkling of bacon bits over them as well!

Though the oven will likely be your go-to spot to heat a mess of tots, you can rest easy knowing that if it's ever on the blink, you can just fire up the grill. So long as you've got a sack of charcoal briquettes or a well-filled propane tank, you'll never be far from the heavenly taste of tots! Not only is it just as convenient but you can stand outside while you do it and we all know how important it is to get your daily dose of vitamin D. Grilling tater tots is good for your health!