Add Almost Any Liquor To Cookie Truffles For A Boozy No-Bake Treat

Do you want to have your drink and eat it, too? Then, it may be time to whip up some easy truffles with a boozy twist. Cookies and truffles are two of the most beloved finger-food desserts, so it's no surprise that combining and spiking them is the key to the ultimate edible cocktail. 

If you're not familiar with cookie truffles, this dessert is exactly what it sounds like. These truffles are made with crumbled cookies on the inside and a chocolate shell on the outside. This treat is easy to make since it requires no baking. The inside is made with ground-up cookies combined with cream cheese and formed into balls. The balls can then be dipped in melted chocolate and left to harden. Consequently, these truffles are as simple to whip up as they are delicious, and which liquor you choose to spike them with depends on your preference. 

Cookie and liquor pairings

Versatility makes cookie truffles ideal for serving up at your next dinner party or gifting to the host of any upcoming get-together. Virtually any grocery store cookie can be ground up to make the inside of the truffle, and which cookie you choose will impact your choice of liquor. As with pairing wine with cheese, giving some thought to how these ingredients complement each other can help you create the perfect combination.

Vodka pairs well with zesty spices, so cookies like ginger snaps or cinnamon-centric treats like snickerdoodles are ideal. Whiskey and peanut butter is a popular yet surprising combination of richness, sweetness, and saltiness, so making a peanut butter cookie-based dark chocolate truffle infused with whiskey is a delicious go-to option. Rum is a liquor that's often mixed in with sweet cocktails or even desserts, so it pairs well with many cookies. Cookies with chocolate, nuts, or caramel are all ideal for infusing with rum. Cookie truffles are ripe for experimentation, so don't be afraid to try on your baker/mixologist hats and experiment.