Costco's Pricey New Garlic Parmesan Bread Has TikTok Turning To DIY

There are some sections at Costco that you don't necessarily have to visit every time you shop there. However, the bakery probably isn't one of them. Stocked with fresh-baked muffins, bagels, bread, and desserts, the department is full of mouthwatering treats, including a brand-new roasted garlic parmesan bread that has recently captured the attention of shoppers for more reasons than one.

"This is quite possibly the best bread I've ever had in my life," TikTok user @costcohotfinds declared in a recent video about their latest bakery find. They described the hand-scored loaf as having the best of both worlds with a crisp crust and a "pillowy soft" interior, making sure to point out one of the full cloves of roasted garlic that was baked right into the bread. Still, other TikTokers pointed out a different, slightly jarring aspect of the loaf — its $7.99 price tag.

"$7.99 for 1 loaf?? It better be good!" one person commented. "Doesn't sound like a good deal!!" another quipped. Others contemplated skipping the flavorful find in favor of making their own roasted garlic parmesan — though at least one shopper knew that plan probably wasn't feasible. "Paying $7.99 for that hurts, knowing I have a sourdough starter and could make it. But I also know I simply will not make it myself," they said, and we can't help but give them props for their honesty.

Is it really cheaper to DIY your own garlic parmesan bread?

Handing over $7.99 for a single loaf of bread may seem outrageous, so we don't blame anybody who might want to try their hand at baking their own. But is it really that much cheaper? According to Cultures for Health, it costs roughly $1.50 to $3 to prepare a loaf of sourdough bread. The additions of parmesan cheese and garlic drive up the cost, but based on the ingredients, you would definitely save yourself a bit of money, not to mention the fact that you'd have enough ingredients to crank out several loaves.


Roasted garlic parm bread at Costco!!

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Of course, having all the necessary ingredients and equipment for bread making is just one part of the DIY battle here. You also need the time to make it, which is where Costco has a leg up. Plus, it doesn't hurt that @costcohotfinds gave the grocer's new bread such a glowing review.

Whether you're going to grab a loaf of Costco's garlic parmesan bread or try making it yourself, there are plenty of things you can do beyond slathering it in butter or dunking it in olive oil. This bread also sounds perfect for leveling up your next sandwich, especially if it's a grilled cheese you're craving. It can even be made into croutons to use in a salad or a bowl of soup.