Whatever Happened To The Strawberry Cheese Danish Pop-Tarts?

One of the saddest things that can happen to a budding young foodie is having a favorite treat get discontinued by the company that makes them. For example, in 2009, if your favorite Pop-Tart flavor was Strawberry Cheese Danish, then you were plumb out of luck. The flavor, which hit grocery stores just two years prior to its discontinuation, was quite popular, which was one of the most baffling aspects of its demise. Pop-Tarts boast countless varieties, some more pleasing to audiences than others, so to take away a beloved flavor is especially confusing. Why would it disappear if it had such ardent fans?

It's possible that the Kellogg's company felt the flavor didn't quite live up to expectations. Since it was meant to meld two flavors (cream cheese and strawberry) in both its filling and its frosting, Strawberry Cheese Danish was a unique addition to the Pop-Tarts family. The company was banking on the fusion of two iconic pastries, the Pop-Tart and the danish, as being an alluring novelty to breakfast enthusiasts. Even though it found its footing amongst certain shoppers, it's possible that this flavor was never more than a cult hit, and left the greater general buying public, for the most part, indifferent. In 2009, the company decided against producing more. This was likely due to low sales numbers, as Kellogg's listed this as a reason when questioned about other discontinued flavors. 

Fans took to the internet to get Strawberry Cheese Danish Pop-Tarts back

Upon hearing the news, fans took to social media to try to generate enthusiasm in hopes Kellogg's would take notice and potentially reinstate Strawberry Cheese Danish. There was even an online petition to bring back the flavor, started in 2015 by Katie Nagy. "Years ago I used to eat these Pop Tarts and they were my favorite. Then Kellogg's stopped making them. I have been craving these Pop Tarts ever since," they wrote. Sadly for the valiant fans, it didn't sway the decision to stop production. It now only lives on in the memory of those who were lucky enough to try a box, leaving the rest of us to wonder if they truly lived up to this hype. As one admirer wrote on X (formerly Twitter), "The best Pop Tart flavor of all time is Strawberry Cheese Danish. Good luck finding it."

So, let this be a lesson to those of you who revel in the niche and novel! If your favorite food is a new drop, or heaven forbid a "limited edition," it may be best to start stockpiling a bunker of reserves while it's still fresh. Best to be saddled with too much of your beloved foodstuffs than be left high and dry like the diehards who fought for Strawberry Cheese Danish Pop-Tarts