The Unusual Item That Removes Condensation From Cakes And Pies

As satisfying as a freshly made cake or pie can be, the desire to make the presentation absolutely pitch-perfect always lingers. Appearance is an essential aspect of the culinary experience and even the best looking baked goods can suffer from minor imperfections. Take, for example, the layer of condensation that may appear after transferring a cake, like say an always tough-to-master cheesecake, from the heat of an oven to the cool of the refrigerator too quickly. It may seem impossible to remove the rogue moisture without compromising the smoothness of the frosting but there's a method that should improve your baking experience two-fold... Or rather, two-ply.

That's right, you can eliminate that issue with a roll of bath tissue! Using a standard roll of toilet paper (one that hasn't yet made its way to the bathroom, please) you can do a simple trick that will leave your baked treats pleasantly dry and ready to serve. Before you turn your nose up at using a restroom staple as a kitchen tool, just remember that, without the context of what it's typically used for, toilet paper is essentially just regular, helpful, tissue paper. Once you've used the technique, you'll want to keep a roll around the kitchen for good! 

A few sheets will lead to a dry sheen

To eliminate unwanted moisture from your cakes or cream pies, all you need to do is lay a few sheets of toilet paper on the top of the cake. Ever so gently, sweep your fingers across the paper to help it absorb the condensation, before pulling up the paper. Be sure not to blot the toilet paper, as that will affect the overall sheen of the cake or pie, and its moisture, not the shininess, that you're attempting to eliminate! Repeat the process as much as necessary, before unveiling your dry, picture-perfect cake, free of any undesirable wetness to draw the eye. Though thicker tissue, or even paper towels, may seem like a good tactic, be wary that the thickness is more likely to leave an imprinted pattern or even paper residue, creating an altogether different problem. Utilizing this handy technique is sure to become a standard practice in your backing routine, we guarantee it! 

The next time you break out a fresh package of bulk bath tissue from Costco, be sure to set aside a roll in case making a cheesecake is in your future! If having a roll around your cupboards raises the eyebrows of any inquisitive guests, just share the secret with them, blowing their minds in the process. Better to share, as keeping the secret close to the vest will only lead them to making some, ahem, incorrect assumptions about what you may use your sink for.