TikTok's Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls Are Too Complicated For People To Make

There's a seemingly endless supply of TikTok food trends that we should try. Yet, there's more to the perfect viral TikTok recipe than an innovative snack that looks and tastes great. When taking a recipe from TikTok, most of us want something simple, and, for many TikTok foodies, that's where the newest viral recipe falls short.

With nearly 515,000 likes, food content creator Destiny Symone's Buffalo chicken egg roll recipe video struck a nerve. Symone teased this recipe as a perfect meal for Buffalo chicken dip lovers. Since there are many of those out there, it's unsurprising that this piqued plenty of interest. The recipe makes egg rolls stuffed with a flavorful mixture of shredded rotisserie chicken, cream cheese, and Buffalo sauce. 

The result looks undeniably tasty. However, despite how appealing this recipe may seem, quite a few of this viral video's nearly 4,000 comments were from folks who wished it was a bit easier. "Saving even [though] I know damn well I'm too lazy to make this," shared one honest TikTok user. Another said, "Too much work, I'll pay anybody $50 if they make me 6 of these," and someone else voiced concern about the difficulty level, saying, "Last time I cooked the house almost burnt down so all I gotta say is MAKE ME SOME PLEASE." So, is this one TikTok treat that amateur chefs may have to simply dream of? Maybe not. 

Easy tricks to making TikTok's Buffalo chicken egg rolls

There's a reason why the Buffalo chicken egg roll recipe went viral, and it's not because of its seemingly insurmountable difficulty. It's because it looks delicious! Still, the comment section proves that a complicated and risky cooking process may stand between many people and the Buffalo chicken egg rolls of their dreams. Luckily, if you watched this video and thought, "I wish I could, but I can't," there are easy ways to simplify the recipe and make it more practical.


Buffalo chicken eggrolls using @Dan-O’s Seasoning #spiceupxmas #danospartner

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Shredded chicken is the main component of this dish, and it's easy to see why many people wouldn't want to pull apart a rotisserie chicken the way the creator does in the video. Buying prepackaged shredded chicken eliminates this step, saving you time and mess. Alternatively, you can swap the shredded chicken out for shredded tofu. This will also keep the mess at bay and open up this recipe to those who don't eat meat. Furthermore, the most complicated part of this recipe is frying the egg rolls in oil. This can be daunting since it's a bit tricky and can be messy, even dangerous. Consequently, preparing these egg rolls in an air fryer may be a better option. It's much quicker, easier, and doesn't require hot oil, so you can enjoy Buffalo chicken egg rolls with much less effort and worry.