Why You Recognize The Actress From Nerds' Super Bowl 2024 Commercial

Nerds Candy is getting in on the Super Bowl LVIII fun, using the game as the perfect opportunity to unveil Gummy Clusters, the newest addition to its confectionary catalog. The Super Bowl spot, set to the strains of "Flashdance... What a Feelin'," is Nerds' first-ever advertisement for the event. The new candy has bite-size pieces that feature soft, gummy centers coated with the standard Nerds hard candy shell. Nerds Gummy Clusters come in a batch of flavors, including Rainbow and Very Berry.  

In addition to a horde of happy CGI Nerds, the advertisement features a familiar face as the capper. That's no ordinary commercial actress. It's singer-songwriter and TikTok phenomenon Addison Rae, who recently made the jump to acting for Netflix's "He's All That" and the horror film "Thanksgiving."   As the big payoff to an earlier teaser that shows the social media superstar coaching a mystery dance pupil, the commercial reveals that the student is a remarkably light-footed giant gummy. Rae doesn't have to say much in her cameo, as her delighted, satisfied grin after sampling a new Gummy Cluster tells us everything on her mind: These things are tasty! 

Rae has been a Nerds fan since childhood

Aiming to create a "multisensory experience" with its Super Bowl LVIII ad campaign, Nerds has reportedly tripled its marketing budget to get the word out. This includes recruiting apparent Nerds enthusiast Addison Rae, who recently professed her love of the brand's iconic products in an interview with Paper Mag. "I grew up in the South," Ray says, "So I was always at sports games, and Nerds ropes were my go-to at the concession stand." She furthers her alignment with the brand by likening herself to the newly dropped chewy, tangy candies. "I'm soft and sweet on the inside but hard on the outside. I want to keep my guard up so nobody can hurt me." Sounds like Nerds made the perfect choice in selecting the new face of its brand. 

No matter where they may fall on your ranking of sour candies, Nerds Gummy Clusters is taking steps to ensure that it will be on consumers' minds for the foreseeable future. Be sure to tune in to see the new ad when it airs during the second quarter of Super Bowl LVIII, shortly before the halftime show. Even though it's only 30 seconds, it will give you something new to chew on.