Kool-Aid Bursts' Lid Shape Is Still Kind Of A Mystery

The best accessory for the ultimate '90s pool party was always a case of Kool-Aid Bursts in the cooler. With classic flavors like cherry, grape, Berry Blue, and Tropical Punch, the sweet drink has given kids everywhere colorful Kool-Aid tongues for decades. For many millennials, there is no feeling more nostalgic than ripping off the odd-shaped cap of the iconic plastic bottle and furiously sucking the sugary blast down in one go.

However, the actual reason for the signature shape of the twist-off cap remains unknown. Despite speculation, the design makes it no easier for children to handle the thing. For one Reddit user, attempting to separate the cap often results in accidentally squeezing the bottle until more liquid is on the floor than in the container. Not to mention, the disposable lid might pose a choking hazard, and sharp bits of plastic from rough cap extractions anecdotally poke out of the top often. Functionality may not have been the intention behind the lid design, but perhaps memorability was.

A playful double function for kids

Almost everyone who enjoyed syrupy goodness as a child associates the unique cap with Kool-Aid. The nostalgic taste of the artificial fruit flavor, coupled with the imaginative possibilities of the lid, make it hard to forget. From faux braces to vampire teeth, Kool-Aid Bursts lovers reminisce about the various mouth accessories the cap can mimic. Years ago, suctioning it to your tongue like a snake became one of the most popular gags. Other Redditors refer to the tab as a toy that was once an alien spaceship, a pharaoh's crown, and even the key to the Batmobile in their imaginations.

The drink sticks out because of its versatility, serving as both a delicious refreshment and a prop for make-believe. For creative minds, the cap can be used for just about anything — except a typical resealable mechanism for the top of the bottle. But users on X, formerly known as Twitter, may have found a solution.

The internet's hack for making the most of the lid

As it turns out, the caps can be turned upside down and used as a plug for the top of the bottle, but the answer as to whether they were actually made for this purpose remains a mystery. The jury is also still out on the true efficiency of the hack. Numerous self-proclaimed myth-busters have determined that it's not the easiest task in the world to re-secure the U-shaped tab. However, others have advocated in favor of the discovery.

Ultimately, many internet sleuths noticed significant spillage despite applying the newfound seal, leaving us to suspect that our childhoods may not have been lies after all. While the cap can serve as a satisfying chewable, a pretend aircraft, or even a DIY straw, the reason for its unique shape will remain up for debate until Kool-Aid officially confirms any theory.