Mega Vs Regular M&M's: What's The Difference?

Food trends come and go but M&M's — the cult-classic chocolate candies established in 1941 — have not only withstood the test of time but also innovated with the times. New M&M releases have been core to the brand's identity, offering additional ways for consumers to enjoy a variety of candy sizes and flavors beyond the standard M&M's. A recent innovation to the M&M's roster is the re-release of Mega M&M's.

While regular-size M&M's have remained a consumer staple over the years in their original milk chocolate flavor, and several long-term and limited edition flavors, the 2024 resurgence of the Mega M&M aims to please peanut butter lovers. Consumers can still purchase the regular-size peanut butter M&M's; however, the fact that the Mega M&M's are available exclusively in the peanut butter flavor (at least for now) ensures that peanut lovers can enjoy even more chocolate and peanut butter decadence in every bite thanks to their bigger size and more filling.

Is bigger really better?

Sometimes bigger is better, especially when peanut butter is involved. Mega M&M's were initially introduced to consumers in the mid-2000s in the classic milk chocolate and peanut options before being discontinued. With their 2024 relaunch, the M&M Megas are officially available online and in stores solely in peanut butter flavor. The Megas have triple the amount of chocolate as the regular M&Ms and have a diameter of 2.12 centimeters, while also boasting even more irresistible peanut butter for your baking, snacking, and sharing needs.

Fans are here for the release. The verified Snackolator account on Instagram shared a post about the Peanut Butter Mega M&M's, noting, "the GOAT just got even better." Snackolator goes as far as deeming these new Megas as "something that deserves a Nobel Prize." The Mega M&M's retail online for $5.99 for the 8.6-ounce sharing size, but with so much delicious goodness it may be tempting to keep the bag all for yourself.

Why regular M&M's will never go out of style

For anyone who prefers their candy unadulterated — or is simply not a peanut butter stan — fear not. Despite the introduction of the supersized peanut butter Mega M&M's, regular M&M's are here to stay. Unlike the Megas, which are currently only available in peanut butter flavor, regular M&M's measure in smaller at 1.04 centimeters, but come in a variety of flavors and colors, and allow for consumer creativity. Online at the M&M's official site, consumers can design their own M&M set.

The regular-size M&M's also offer versatility when snacking, baking, or selecting your favorite movie theater candy. Recipes like our easy M&M's cookies deliver a healthy dose of chocolate, nostalgia, and a festive pop of color in each bite. A 10-ounce sharing size bag of regular milk chocolate M&M's retails online for $5.99, offering slightly more bang for your buck than the 8.6-ounce bag of Mega M&M's.

Ultimately, when debating between Mega vs. regular M&M's, it comes down to personal preference. Whether you go big with the Megas or keep it classic with the regulars, it's a win-win outcome, and a delicious reminder that there's plenty of chocolate (and peanut butter) to go around.