Buffalo Wild Wings Is Bringing The Honey With 2 New Sauces

If you're partial to a bit of sweetness on your chicken wings, you're in luck. On February 28, Buffalo Wild Wings will be introducing two new sweet-yet-savory sauces for you to coat your wings (and fingers) with. Pretty much everyone agrees that honey and chicken are a winning combination, and Buffalo Wild Wings is capitalizing on this by basing both of its new sauces on the sweet condiment.

The sauces' arrival happens to coincide with March Madness. Buffalo Wild Wings' Chief Marketing Officer Tristan Meline stated that these new sauces are "the perfect reasons for fans to catch the action at B-Dubs all tournament long," according to info shared with Mashed. March 21, in particular, is an ideal day to try out one or both of the sauces, as the restaurant is offering a buy one, get one free deal on boneless wings. This deal is available for dine-in, carryout, or delivery.

First up is the new Honey Sriracha sauce, a classic union of sweet and spicy that's commonly used to create hot honey. The second sauce, though, will likely excite the Buffalo Wild Wings regulars who recognize it: Honey Garlic.

Honey Garlic sauce is back

Buffalo Wild Wings introduced its Honey Garlic flavor during March Madness of 2023, but when it eventually left the chain's menu, many fans thought they would never get to eat the sauce again. Fortunately for them, Honey Garlic is returning to the wing establishment. After the sauce's limited-edition run elapsed, patrons found themselves missing it, with one person on Reddit reporting that they "absolutely fell in love" with it. The sauce combines sweet honey with the slow-building, warm spice of garlic and the umami flair of soy in a deceptively simple concoction.

Both sauces are only running for a limited time, although Buffalo Wild Wings has not specified when this run will end for either sauce. You can order both sauces in-store or online and pair them with traditional, boneless, or cauliflower wings. You can also add them to tenders, sandwiches, and wraps. Thanks to the March Madness deal, you can rest assured that you have at least until March 21 to give them a shot.