Costco's New Orange Cinnamon Sugar Buns Are Taking TikTok By Storm

Knock knock. Who's there? Orange. Orange who? Orange you excited about the latest Costco find? Because TikTok sure is. Debuting in Costco bakeries as early as March 15, sugared orange rolls are the big-box store's latest offering (the retailer must have heard that cinnamon rolls need a citrusy upgrade).

TikTok user @costcohotfinds is one of many cardholders who have already picked up a batch, which appears to cost $8.99 for a box of nine, though prices may vary by location. "[They] have just a hint of orange zest to them," the creator said in their video about the fruity, sugar-coated pastry, also noting that they heated theirs in the microwave to give it a fresh-out-of-the-oven feel. "A cup of coffee goes perfect with these," they added.

Several commenters said they were looking forward to purchasing a box of the orange-flavored treats at their local Costco — if they're in stock, of course. As of this writing, Costco shoppers on Reddit have confirmed sightings at stores in California and Louisiana, suggesting that the buns are slowly making their way into warehouses across the country. If you're making a special trip for these rolls, however, you may want to call your local Costco ahead of time to confirm that they're in stock.

Costco's sugared orange rolls might not be what you expect

Several commenters on @costcohotfinds' video inquired about the taste of Costco's new sugared orange rolls, but the creator didn't provide much insight. Other Costco members, however, have done just that, like TikTok user @costcotv, who assured viewers that the pastry is "not as sweet as you think it is," and noted that it also contains a cream cheese and cinnamon filling between the layers. Another TikTok user, @costcoguide, described the pastry as a cross between a churro and an orange roll.


New sugared cinnamon buns in the costco bakery!

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Unfortunately, the response to Costco's sugared orange rolls hasn't been entirely positive. In their review, TikTok duo Meg and Maddie, aka @floridamomof3, found that while the flavor was good, the buns were on the dry side, which was also the consensus of a few Reddit commenters. This could be chalked up to the fact that, according to some Redditors, the sugared orange rolls may be croissants that have been shaped into spirals to resemble classic cinnamon rolls.

Given that croissants can dry out rather quickly if not stored properly, it's not entirely surprising that these rolls got a bit stale after sitting on store shelves. Still, this doesn't mean you should think twice about buying this Costco bakery item. One way to refresh stale croissants is to simply dampen them and pop them in the air fryer.