The Absolute Best Mashed Potatoes In The US, According To Customers

We're just going to say it, there is no comfort food without mashed potatoes. Before becoming side dish royalty, mashed potato recipes found their way into cookbooks in 18th-century England. Making mashed potatoes seems like a basic task, but for restaurants that take the time to unleash their full potential, mashed potato preparation is an art. The world is home to many eateries that cook mashed potatoes fit for the gods, but for brevity's sake, we're focusing on where to find the absolute best mashed potatoes in the U.S.

We tapped into the deep reservoir of online customer reviews to choose which restaurants made the cut — not so easy when you consider that mashed potatoes can be presented in lots of different ways. Personal preference also plays a role. Some customers crave smooth mashed potatoes; others believe a textured batch gives the potatoes a more hand-mashed, homemade quality. We'll go deeper into our methods at the end of the article, but we can assure you that flavor and technique are the top reasons certain mashed potato dishes stand out from others.

Are you a mashed potato purist, a gravy snob, or an advocate for the unconventional side dish? As long as you love potatoes, this list is for you. Curious about which mashed potatoes rank amongst the nation's elites? According to customers, these restaurants serve the best mashed potatoes around.

Mastro's Restaurants in multiple locations

Associating mashed potatoes with steakhouses is inevitable. Just as steakhouses run the gamut from high-end to budget, the mashed potatoes that typically accompany the beef live in a similar range. One of the steakhouses that makes exceptional mashed potatoes is Mastro's. This restaurant group keeps it classy, with large, glitzy dining rooms in metropolitan areas throughout California, and large cities like Las Vegas, Chicago, Boston, Miami, and more. Yet Mastro's is more than just its scenery. One of their signature menu items is a shareable side of lobster mashed potatoes.

After dining at Mastro's Ocean Club in Las Vegas, one reviewer commented on Trip Advisor, "The lobster mashed potatoes (OMG – not usually a fan, but I'm still thinking about the[m], LOL)." Trip Advisor feedback for Mastro's Steakhouse in Chicago was equally favorable, "What tied it all together was the lobster mashed potatoes. Oh my goodness ... UNBELIEVABLE!!!" At $40, these luxurious mashed potatoes may seem steeply priced, but remember that this is a family-style side that practically contains equal parts potato and lobster.

The buzz around Mastro's lobster mashed potatoes goes beyond customer reviews. There are numerous online accounts of how to recreate the restaurant group's lobster mashed potatoes at home — quite the compliment for Mastro's talented chefs. We would definitely categorize Mastro's lobster mashed potatoes as a special occasion food, but in this case, going a little over the top yields some delicious results.

Mastro's Restaurants

Jacob's Pickles in multiple locations

The warm hug that is Southern-style comfort food would not have the same loving effect were it not for mashed potatoes and gravy. Jacob's Pickles doesn't have any locations in the South — three of its restaurants are in New York City and one is in Southern Connecticut — but the food is evocative of the region. Fried chicken, biscuits, and pickles are centerpieces of the menu, and what's a plate of fried chicken without its sides?

Jacob's Pickles offers a mashed potato side complete with mushroom gravy. Customers are all about it. The word on Yelp is, "Substitute the cheese grits with their mushroom-gravy mashed potatoes, which are heavenly. The mashed potatoes are soft and velvety and the mushroom gravy is not too creamy!" Another Yelper added some hefty praise, "The gravy was really good and the mashed potatoes were some of the best I've ever had."

The first Jacob's Pickles location opened in 2011 and helped renew Manhattan's Upper West dining scene (which has since made a full recovery). Thanks to nuanced offerings like Nashville hot chicken, house-made pickles, and even poutine, Jacob's Pickles remains a top pick for diners looking for hearty portions, big flavors, and some seriously tasty mashed potatoes.   

Jacob's Pickles

Stargazy in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

British food doesn't command the fine-dining prestige that other cuisines do, but when mashed potatoes are involved, the Brits do them as well (or better) than just about anyone. Mashed potatoes in pub dishes bring an unpretentious comfort food vibe, but are they ever special? Absolutely, just go to Stargazy.

South Philadelphia's Stargazy doesn't rely on fanciful ingredients to make great mashed potatoes. What you get here are well-executed versions of Cornish classics. Local blogger secrets of philadelphia dedicated a post to the no-frills beauty of Stargazy's mashed potatoes. "The pies are good, but the mashed potatoes are AMAZING! The best I've ever had — don't know what makes them so good, they are just potatoes and milk. But mmmm.... They come with a parsley liquor – tasty, green parsley sauce that brightens the heavier flavors of the pie and mash," the 2018 blog post read.

"The Mashed Potatoes with the parsley sauce is exquisite!" seconded a reviewer on Trip Advisor, where Stargazy's reviews range from "very good" to "excellent." Stargazy is named for a traditional Cornish pie, which traditionally contains hard-boiled eggs, potatoes, and a sardine variety called pilchards whose heads poke out from the top of the crust. Savory meat pies with a side of mash are the restaurant's main event, but a rotating menu keeps things fresh — just make sure you get a helping of mashed potatoes with whatever else you choose.


1838 East Passyunk Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19148

(215) 309-2761

Mia's Table in multiple locations in Texas

When Johhny Carrabba of Carrabba's Italian Grill fame opened up a fast-casual Southern-style joint in his hometown of Houston, he was venturing into new territory. That territory happens to include some of the best mashed potatoes in the U.S. "Best mashed potatoes since my Mama" was how one Mia's Table Yelp review put it.

The Carrabbas are no stranger to the world of mega-franchises, but Mia's Table (named for Johnny Carrabba's daughter) is a smaller, family-oriented operation. Since opening in 2012, the counter service spot has grown to six locations throughout Greater Houston. There is a lot of fried food on the menu, and not all of it enthralls customers, but "amazing mashed potatoes" are commonly cited high points by Trip Advisor reviewers.

Mia's Table prides itself on using fresh, real ingredients on its menus. That means you count on Mia's to prepare its mashed potatoes from scratch every day. Yelp bears the fruit of Mia's commitment to standards: "Mashed potatoes are to die for."

Mia's Table

Communal Restaurant in Provo, Utah

Farm-to-table fare and communal dining are trendy, but Provo's Communal Restaurant isn't running on trends. Sitting at a long table with strangers is encouraged and the food is family-style. Communal is big on local ingredients, and what comes out of its open kitchen is fine dining quality — mashed potatoes included.

In the menu section "starches," you'll see buttermilk mashed potatoes. They're simple but exceptional. "I am not a fan of any kind of potatoes but when the waiter tried to remove the bowl with a few bits left, I asked him to leave it so I could scrape up every morsel," wrote one reviewer on Trip Advisor.

That wasn't the only Trip Advisor feedback to pay homage to Communal's mashed potatoes. "We indulged in the World's Best Mashed Potatoes and I suggest you do the same. No — they are nothing like the kind we make at Thanksgiving. These have some magic ingredients that make then [sic] creamy, smooth, and totally addictive."

Chef and founder Colton Soelberg is a Provo native who helped helm the city's burgeoning food scene in the 2010s. He once told SLUG magazine, "You have a finite amount of bites in this life, and each bite is one less that you're going to be able to experience. We're committed to making those bites the best they can be."

Communal Restaurant 

102 N University Avenue, Provo, UT 84601

(801) 373-8000

Cafe Katja in Manhattan, New York

Austrian cuisine might not be the style of food you immediately associate with mashed potatoes, but allow Cafe Katja to change your mind. Located in Manhattan's Lower East Side since 2007, Cafe Katja's menu is a beautiful cacophony of Austrian classic fare — spätzle, bratwurst, and sauerkraut get their time in the spotlight — with intermittent touches of American staples like fried chicken thighs, cole slaw, and mashed potatoes. Cafe Katja's approach to mashed potatoes is minimalistic in all the right ways. Clean flavor and textbook consistency are what make these mashed potatoes a fantastic addition to the plate.

"The mashed potatoes were probs the best I've ever had," said one of many glowing Yelp reviews. "Mashed potatoes were perfectly blended/whipped." writes another Yelper. If you want to stick with one of Cafe Katja's European dishes, but still get your fill of mashed potatoes, try the Austrian Meatballs — they're served on a bed of mashed potatoes alongside roasted root vegetables. "These meatballs have ruined me for all other meatballs. The bed of mashed potatoes it was on completed the perfection" was how one Yelp reviewer described the meal.

Cafe Katja

79 Orchard Street, New York, NY 10002

(212) 219-9545

Joey DTLA in Los Angeles, California

Making great mashed potatoes isn't about reinventing the wheel, but the fully loaded crispy mashed potatoes at Joey DLTA aren't like anything else you've seen. Joey's fully loaded crispy mashed potatoes are served in a fried spring roll wrapper topped with bacon bits, cream, green onion, and a light dusting of melted cheese.

"The fully loaded crispy potatoes are heaven!" is one Yelper's feedback for Joey DTLA. Joey Restaurant Group is native to Canada, and has steadily expanded in the U.S. Joey DTLA (short for downtown LA) opened in 2019 and boasts the largest outdoor patio in the city. The vibe here is swanky, and the menu embraces fusion with arms wide open.

Joey's fully loaded crispy mashed potatoes are offered as a side to the steak entrées. They are the kind of novelty reminiscent of the hyper-fusion that invaded the 1980s fine dining scene — but we're not mad at it. Neither are the Yelpers. "The side [of] crispy mashed potatoes was a religious experience: I'm pretty sure I saw God. I haven't been able to stop thinking about those potatoes ever since."


700 W 7th, Unit S430, Los Angeles, CA 90017 


Picasso in Las Vegas, Nevada

If flawless potato mousseline strikes your fancy, look no further than Picasso. Potato mousseline (aka Pomme mousseline) is a French adaptation of whipped mashed potatoes. Picasso wasn't French, but we bet he'd think the potatoes at his namesake restaurant are très bien. Dining at Picasso is an experience. Executive chef Julian Serrano designs exquisite tasting menus, for which the restaurant has earned two Michelin stars. One highlight is the potato mousseline, spread onto the plate like the tastiest pedestal ever to gorgeous proteins such as a pan-seared U-10 day boat scallop.

"The potato mousseline and jus de veau was so flavorsome we scraped everything off the plate" is a Trip Advisor critique from one Picasso diner. Picasso's Yelp comments reiterate this. "The Jus de Veau and Potato Mousseline were confirmation of Michelin star quality potato preparation." Fun fact: jus de veau is like beef jus, but made from veal.

Potato mousseline wasn't always a French culinary sensation. The iconic chef Joël Robuchon catapulted its popularity by perfecting pomme purée, a mashed potato dish of unparalleled buttery smoothness — whose texture is often achieved by putting the potatoes through a ricer. The late Robuchon also has a restaurant in Vegas, but Serrano's current version of the classy mash is the most coveted in Sin City.


3600 Las Vegas Boulevard S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

(702) 693-8105

Pūrbird in Brooklyn, New York

Chicken-centric eateries are all over New York City, but we can help narrow things down. If you're also in it for mashed potatoes, Pūrbird in Brooklyn deserves a visit. Pūrbird set up shop in Brooklyn's Park Slope neighborhood in 2011, offering various chicken dishes, salads, and sides. One particular side — jalepeño mashed potatoes — has become a signature item.

Yelpers are known for their brutal honesty, and the feedback on Pūrbird is largely positive. "The jalapeño mashed potatoes are the bomb" is one example. It's not just everyday customers going crazy for Pūrbird's left-of-center take on mashed potatoes. A review from The Infatuation reads, "Mashed potatoes are a pretty perfect food on their own. But then Pūrbird went and mixed them with jalapeño puree, and now we can't ever look at them the same way." The dash of jalapeño brings a pop of heat and acidity that perfectly counterbalances the potatoes' richness. In 2013, New York Daily News included Pūrbird on its "Best of New York: Mashed Potatoes" list. We're not surprised.


82 6th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217

(718) 857-2473

Bavette's Steakhouse & Bar in multiple locations

To Chicagoans, Bavette's Steakhouse & Bar is something of an iconic restaurant. The original location is there, better known to the locals as Bavette's Bar & Boeuf. At Bavette's, the lights are so low you can barely make out the face of your dinner date, let alone the mashed potatoes that sit before you. Yet as you dig into those potatoes, you realize they are some of the best in the nation.

In a Trip Advisor review titled "a bit Pricey, BUT SOOOOO amazing!" the exclamations continued, "The mashed potatoes, WOW!! The chicken au jus just makes it special!" Bavette's side of Buttery Mashed Potatoes is topped with garlic confit and chicken jus, and the flavor combination is a major success. According to one Yelper, "The mashed potatoes were so elevated."

On account of its delicious food, Bavette's opened an additional location in Las Vegas. The Vegas spot is a great way for a larger audience to enjoy the Buttery Mashed Potatoes, but Bavette's Windy City flagship holds sentimental value. In blogger Lauren Showen's 2019 piece "Eating My Feelings: Bavette's Bar & Boeuf" she named the eatery as her favorite Chicago restaurant and noted, "These spuds aren't f***ing around. My best guess at the recipe is 50% butter, 30% garlic, 20% cream, 10% potato."

Bavette's Steakhouse & Bar

St. Anselm in multiple locations

The upscale steakhouse business is highly competitive, and standing out can be tough. St. Anselm opened in 2011 in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn and was different for the right reasons. New York Magazine christened it the "anti-steakhouse", due to its diminutive size and an atmosphere that was equal parts rustic and modest. St. Anselm let its food do the talking — which is why it's still around today. Steak is king at St. Anselm, yet a serving of pan-fried mashed potatoes is the quirky sidekick that's right at home in the Brooklyn food scene.

St. Anselm's pan-fried potatoes are served with a crispy top and are cooked with lard. They're indulgently delicious, much to the chagrin of the vegetarians at the table. A Reddit thread about the best mashed potatoes in New York City advises, "St. Anselm's pan fried mashed potatoes is going to be one of the tops." This suggestion received the most upvotes on the page.

In 2018, St. Anselm's founder Joe Carroll opened a second location in Washington, D.C., offering more dining space and the same rich, refined flavors and unexpected potatoes. "I particularly loved the mashed potatoes, which are almost like a potato pie with a thin, fried layer of potatoes across the top" and "The mashed potatoes were unlike any I had ever had before but so good" are some of the Yelp reviews for St. Anselm D.C.

St. Anselm

South City Kitchen Midtown in Atlanta, Georgia

Whipped potatoes tend to hog the attention when we talk about the best mashed potatoes out there, but limiting the dish to one style would be a disservice. Thankfully, South City Kitchen in Atlanta gives homestyle mashed potatoes their due recognition. "I love simple fried chicken [and] mashed potatoes. I was blown away ... The mashed potatoes were amazing." is one of many positive Yelp descriptions of the food here. There are four South City Kitchens currently operating in Georgia. The Midtown location is the original and the flagship eatery of the successful Fifth Group Restaurants.

"Mashed potatoes on point! Southern food that tastes like it was made by nana." For South City Kitchen, Yelp reviews like this are the norm. The restaurant doesn't deviate too far from Southern comfort food basics, but adds a touch of modern flair that doesn't come across as forced or overworked.

South City's signature fried chicken entree is a prime example of the restaurant's sophisticated approach. The chicken is served atop creamy Yukon gold mashed potatoes, which have a subtle layer of texture from the potatoes' thin skins. Completing the plate are garlic collard greens and a finishing of honey thyme jus. It's nuanced twists like these that have kept South City Kitchen Midtown in business since 1993. 

South City Kitchen Midtown


Compiling our choices for the restaurants with the absolute best mashed potatoes required reading countless customer reviews. We sourced feedback from the usual places like Yelp, Trip Advisor, and Reddit, along with travel blogs and professional food critiques aimed specifically at mashed potatoes. The results showed that customers can be tough to please! Just when we thought we'd found a viable entry for the article, a flurry of disappointing reviews would surface, compelling us to strike the restaurant from our list.

In conjunction with taking the word of customer reviews, we tapped into our personal experiences with some of these establishments. For many of the restaurants named, bold flavors, consistent quality, and creativity aren't characteristics solely applied to mashed potatoes — they are all over the menu for customers of varied tastes to enjoy.