What Flavor Is Superman Ice Cream, Anyway?

Looking for something colorful and sweet to cool you down on a hot day? Sounds like a job for Superman — Superman ice cream, that is. Said to have originated in Prohibition-era Michigan, this eye-catching dessert is arguably best known for its vibrant, three-hue color scheme, making it a sort of midwestern Neapolitan or spumoni. Rather than being equal parts pink, brown, and white, however, Superman ice cream is modeled after its namesake in that it's red, yellow, and blue. Interestingly, though, the flavor actually predates the superhero's first appearance in 1938, suggesting the familiar moniker was added after the fact.

Beyond the trio of colors, Superman ice cream can be a bit of an anomaly, as there's no set flavor scheme for the frozen delicacy. In its original form, which is credited to Detroit's Stroh's Brewery, the red portion of the ice cream was a flavor called Red Pop, and it boasted a strawberry taste from Faygo strawberry soda, which was also produced in the Motor City. The yellow dessert, meanwhile, was lemon-flavored, and the blue flavor was an ice cream called Blue Moon that, to this day, is still a bit of a mystery.

Some say the novelty is reminiscent of Fruit Loops, while others claim it contains hints of marshmallow, raspberry, or lemon. For the sake of Superman ice cream, however, its distinctive blue tint was apparently what mattered most.

Other possible Superman ice cream flavor combos

Superman ice cream has evolved considerably since its debut in the 1920s, so much so that the flavor combo can vary between every ice cream shop or grocery store where you get the treat. The red ice cream may be the traditional strawberry pop, or it could be cherry or bubblegum. The yellow portion can vary from lemon to vanilla to banana, and the blue might either be the mysterious Blue Moon flavor or blue raspberry. There may also be some instances in which all three shades are simply vanilla ice cream that has been dyed to create the signature color combination.

In addition to containing myriad flavors, you might also find Superman ice cream under a different name, as D.C. Comics has apparently taken some manufacturers to court for copyright infringement. Some of its other titles include "Super Scoop," "Scooperman," and "Super Madness." Still, regardless of its name or flavor makeup, you'll be able to tell when you're in the presence of this midwestern delicacy by its distinctive red, yellow, and blue hues.