The Menu Hack To Use If You're Craving A Rice Bowl At Outback Steakhouse

There's technically no rice bowl on the menu at Outback Steakhouse, but it's still possible to enjoy one at the Australia-themed chain with a little bit of creativity. Whether it's because of a relatively low number of vegetarian menu items or even just a hankering during an outing to Outback, there are at least a few valid reasons to opt for this off-menu rice bowl option.

Getting ahold of a rice bowl is as simple as following a couple of steps included in our roundup of Outback Steakhouse secret menu items: Order a side of steamed seasonal veggies as well as a side of seasoned rice, and request an extra plate. Enjoying a rice bowl is as easy as mixing those two sides into one dish. While it's feasible to add the veggies directly to the rice, the extra plate will significantly ease the process of combining them. Of course, there's no need to stop at just seasonal veggies and rice. Additional vegetarian-friendly sides that can be added to the Outback rice bowl include asparagus, broccoli and cheese, Bloomin' Onion petals, or even mashed potatoes. In short, the rice bowl can be as simple or as out-there as desired.

Rice bowls with meat require a slightly different process

An Outback Steakhouse rice bowl doesn't have to be vegetarian. Afterall, the chain is known for its meats. The easiest method for crafting a meat-centric rice bowl, however, differs somewhat from the menu hack for its vegetarian counterpart. Because meat entrees at Outback come with two sides by default, it's best to make use of those if a rice bowl is the end goal.

With any meat dish, choose rice for at least one of those two side dishes. Make sure to ask for that extra plate, too, to make the process as straightforward as possible. The second side can also be part of the bowl, whether that means an extra serving of rice or veggies to help make the bowl as varied as possible. Some meats, it's worth noting, will require preparation before they're ready to be added. For example, shrimp will need their tails removed and chicken or steak should be cut up into bite-size pieces. Ultimately, rice bowl options at Outback are plentiful for anyone willing to put in the little bit of work required for this menu hack.