The Best Aldi Finds For August 2019

It's the most wonderful time of the year... nope, it's not Christmas, but it might as well be, because Aldi just announced their Finds for the month of August, and while there are dozens of items you won't want to miss out on, we think these are the best of the best.

We got the inside information straight from Aldi on what's new on the shelves each week in August, and true Aldi Nerds will be waiting at the door every Wednesday to scoop up these Aldi Finds from the "aisle of shame." Whether you're looking for adorable pet products, small appliances that make breakfast a breeze, bottles of rose under $5, or booze-infused salsa, you can grab it in the Aldi Finds section this month. And you know, also do the regular grocery shopping that you probably need to do. 

Just remember, these Aldi Finds are here today, gone tomorrow, so get 'em while the gettin's good.

Aldi Finds: Week of August 7

Dancing Flame Rose ($4.99)

'Tis the season for rose, especially when it's under $5. 

Little Salad Bar Mini Meals Couscous and Seven Grain varieties ($3.49)

Sad desk lunches will be a thing of the past with these grab-and-go meals. They're healthier than anything you'll get from the drive-thru, and a whole lot cheaper.  

Journey To Spanish Meal Kits Chorizo Rice, Paella, and Patatas Bravas varieties ($1.99)

These kits will come in handy for those nights when you just don't have the energy to think about dinner. All you have to do is add the meat, and you're all set. 

Fremont Fish Market Breaded Shrimp Nashville Hot ($4.99)

Shrimp that's jumped on the Nashville Hot Chicken bandwagon sounds more than fine to us. And since it's frozen, we don't even have to do any work to whip up this deliciously spicy bite. Win, win.

Heart to Tail Indoor/Outdoor Bed ($16.99)

A cushy spot for your pooch for under $20? Not only is that deal hard to beat, but it's also stylish enough not to ruin the vibe of your room. Don't forget to check out all the other Heart to Tail pet products from $3.99. Super cute dog bandana, anyone?

Aldi Finds: Week of August 14

L'Oven Peach Cobbler Fresh Breakfast Bread ($3.99)

When what you really want is dessert for breakfast, but you still want to pretend you're a grown-up who doesn't eat peach cobbler in the morning, this bread is for you. It's also available in mixed berry, which sounds equally tasty. 

Simply Nature Organic Southwestern Green Chile Chicken Sausage ($4.99)

Non-GMO, no antibiotics, organic, gluten-free... what more could you want out of a chicken sausage? It doesn't hurt our feelings that they're green chile-flavored, either. 

Ambiano Churro Maker ($12.99)

Like a waffle maker, but better. You might not think you need a small appliance that only makes churros, but you do. You really, really do. Plus, with this bad boy doing all the work, you don't have to bust out the deep fryer.

Crofton Paella Pan ($9.99)

If you've been hesitant to spend the money on a paella pan because you'll only use it a few times a year, a $10 paella pan is definitely the way to go. 

Mini succulents ($1.99)

Buy these cuties by the dozen and scatter them liberally through your home. Not only are they an inexpensive piece of decor, but they're super easy to care for. 

Aldi Finds: Week of August 21

Nature's Nectar Honeysuckle Lemonade ($2.89)

This fun and flavorful twist on classic lemonade will quench your thirst on the hottest summer days, and would serve as a perfect mixer with vodka, no? Look for starfruit limeade and honey-flavored grapefruit varieties, too. 

Cattlemen's Ranch Prime Rib Seasoned Burgers ($6.95)

Sometimes you don't even have the energy to put on pants and hit up the drive-thru. For those times, you'll be glad you have these 1/3-pound prime rib burgers in the freezer. Plus, at a little over $1 each, the price is hard to beat.

Cook House Moonshine Sauce Black Pineapple ($1.99)

This just might be the barbecue sauce to end all barbecue sauces — smoky and tangy with sweetness from pineapple, and just the right amount of moonshine. Yes, please. Shouldn't moonshine be in all barbecue sauces?

Specially Selected Spirit Infused Blood Orange Whiskey Salsa ($2.29)

You had us at "spirit infused." Really, you could put blood orange and whiskey into just about anything and we'd happily eat it, but as a spicy sauce? That's tops. There's also apple bourbon and pineapple and rum varieties you'll want to get your hands on. 

Heart to Tail Pet Sweatshirts ($4.99)

Is there anything cuter than a dog in a sweatshirt? Never mind that it's summer. Buy these in bulk, stock up for winter, and revel in the joy that is a tiny dog in a tiny shirt when the cold months have you down.

Aldi Finds: Week of August 28

Barissimo Maple Bacon Ground Coffee ($3.79)

Maple plus bacon plus coffee equals a very good morning. And if you like the taste of a little booze in your cup of joe without the effects, there's also a bourbon flavor to try.  

Clancy's Bacon Habanero Pretzel Slims ($1.99)

This is truly the kind of snack that once you start, you can't stop. Is there a more perfect union that bacon and habanero? We think not. Look for Clancy's equally addictive garlic parmesan flavor, too.  

Mama Cozzi's Extreme Bacon Pizza ($4.79)

This beast of a thin crust pizza weighs in at just over a pound, and comes complete with five cheese, bacon, and a zesty tomato sauce. Did we mention it has bacon on it?

Earth Grown Cold Brew Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert ($2.99)

When a craving for ice cream and coffee hits at the same time, grab a pint of Earth Grown. It's made with oat milk, so it's vegan-friendly, too. 

Ambiano 8 Cup Deep Fryer ($24.99)

You won't need this for your churros, thanks to the new churro machine you bought two weeks ago, but a fryer comes in handy when your inner Paula Deen is screaming for deep-fried delights. Just maybe stay away from the deep-fried butter.