Heinz Finally Ends The Debate Over The Best Way To Pour Ketchup

Heinz has been in the ketchup-making business for almost 150 years, but not everyone can get it out of the bottle smoothly every time without whacking the bottom or spearing the inside with a knife to allow that tomato-y goodness to flow out. Thankfully, they've established a new trick so you can perfectly pour it next time you've got a burger to smother, effectively ending the debate over which way is really the best way to get ketchup out of the bottle (via Food & Wine). 

If you're in Canada, you might spot the iconic glass bottle on store shelves — only this time, the label will be a little askew. While it looks like a batch of bottles exited the Heinz factory after a labeling mishap, it's actually a genius idea that shows you the perfect angle to hold the bottle so the ketchup pours out neatly. 

Heinz Canada worked with ad agency Rethink Canada to develop and run the bottles to see how they performed in the stores. U.S. residents won't get a chance to check them out, and much of Canada won't either, as it was a very limited edition that was localized to Toronto only.

Since we can't get out hands on these special bottles in the States just yet, Food & Wine's Mike Pomranz decided to replicate the angle of the label with a protractor and an educated guess. He determined that the correct angle to hold the Heinz bottle is around 35 degrees, but a Heinz Canada spokesperson told the publication that it's actually just shy of 45 degrees, which is the usual angle touted for the perfect ketchup pour. In other words, it's between 35 and 45 degrees, but Heinz isn't spilling all the tea on that insider secret.

This is not the first Heinz hack that promises a smoother flow, either. Prior reports have shown that when you firmly tap the "57" embossed on the bottle's neck, the ketchup will loosen up and come out better than spanking the bottom of the bottle ever will (via The Sun). Or, you know, use a squeeze bottle.