OutDaughtered: The Busby Quints Reveal Their Favorite Foods

The Busbys have been charming viewers of TLC's OutDaughtered since its debut in 2016, and the masses can't get enough of the family of eight. We happily tune in each week to watch Adam and Danielle wrangle their 4-year-old quintuplets (Riley Paige, Hazel Grace, Olivia Marie, Ava Lane, and Parker Kate) and 8-year-old Blayke on the feel-good reality show, and can't get enough of the happy family's life — which obviously includes gobbling up all the details of the quints' favorite things.

Mom Danielle has been keeping fans updated on the family blog, It's a Buzz World, for the last few weeks, posting 13 fun facts about each quint. The wait is finally over as the fifth quint's post has gone up, revealing their favorite foods.

So what do the Busby quints like to eat and drink?

For the most part, these kids like what all 4-year-olds like. The identical twins of the sibling set, Ava and Olivia, gave similar answers, saying chicken and chicken nuggets, respectively, were their faves, while Hazel said that mashed potatoes are what rings her bell. It was Olivia who matched up with Hazel rather than her twin sis when it came to drinks, with both quints naming lemonade as their favorite sip. Ava, somewhat surprisingly, answered "ice cold water" as her go-to drink.

Riley — arguably the most precocious of the bunch, and the one quint who's skipping a grade this year — along with Parker, listed a green veggie as their faves, but Mom isn't buying it from Riley. Although she claims that "broccoli and ranch, and vegetables," are tops for her, Danielle noted that Riley may have been giving the "right" answer rather than the real answer here, saying, "OH REALLY RILEY!???! That's for sure the 'Sunday school' answer, hahaha. This girl won't eat veggies for anything. I asked her five times and she insisted she loved broccoli so...I went ahead an added it." Parker's answer of tomatoes, broccoli, and kolach (fruit pastry) is far more believable, says Danielle. "...she is a good veggie eater like Blayke. The only quint we don't have to fight with to try veggies!"

Danielle Busby's favorite drink is unsurprising

For her part, Danielle's tastes aren't too much different than the quints'... well, expect for the tequila, that is. The OutDaughtered matriarch took to Instagram in June to post 13 fun facts about herself, listing "all things pasta" as her favorite food, but noting that "ketchup is life." Is there any chance pasta and ketchup combine for a down-and-dirty spaghetti with red sauce? We wouldn't judge. Hey, feeding all those Busbys has got to be taxing.

As for beverages, just like daughter Ava, Danielle picks water, but also branches out to Dr Pepper and tequila. And let's be honest — with six kids, it would be more surprising if her list didn't contain an alcoholic beverage.