Here's How Seth Rogen Spent More Than $21,000 On Postmates

Nothing beats the simple pleasure of ordering delivery for dinner, exploring the many options for pizza, Chinese food, and burgers that can be dropped off at your door so you don't actually have to cook anything for your meal. Now, these meals often end up being more expensive than we anticipated, but we were totally blown away when we heard that Seth Rogen spend more than $21,000 on Postmates (via People). Did he order too many appetizers? What happened? 

Though we wouldn't be shocked to hear that the Pineapple Express actor went on a munchies-fueled spending spree and spend thousands in a single night, it turns out that most of his purchases we relatively modest. But we still couldn't help but wonder, how did the actor manage to spend more than $21,000 on delivery food? 

What Seth Rogen ordered on Postmates

It turns out that the actor and his wife discovered that their Postmates total for the past five years was $21,320, or about $4,200 a year. That makes a lot more sense than what we initially assumed. 

According to Rogen, he and his wife Lauren Miller Rogen are super busy. On those nights when they don't have time to cook, or when they just don't feel inspired in the kitchen, they start to browse Postmates and get to ordering. 

While most nights they order a "normal" amount of food, they do have their moments of splurging. 

The couple pointed out a few special meals that cost a pretty penny. 

The most expensive meal they've ever ordered on Postmates was a $267 sushi order from Sugarfish, a trendy sushi chain with locations in Los Angeles and New York. For Rogen's 33rd birthday, the couple ordered $157.61 worth of Japanese food from Izaka-Ya by Katsu-Ya in L.A., and for wife Lauren's birthday, they splurged on a $74.11 meal from Kung Pho Bistro. 

If you break down their yearly Postmates cost, it comes out to their spending about $11.50 a day on Postmates, which honestly isn't too bad for two people — especially considering the fact that they're literally millionaires (via Celebrity Net Worth).