The McDonald's Dessert Hack Coffee-Lovers Need In Their Lives

Chances are, you've never heard of a McAffogato, because until recently, we'd never heard of it either. But it's most definitely a thing, and it could be the best tasting and classiest thing that you've never seen on McDonald's takeout menu.

The idea of going to McD's and ordering ice cream to go with a single or double shot of espresso may not be new, but it first became public on Twitter account @UKCopHumor which makes it a point to display the human (humorous?) side of Britain's police officers. The hack was so well received it made the local news, with Birmingham Live reporting that police officers were lining up to give the drink a try. 

The site also quoted police officer Matthew Ling as having tweeted, "I've heard of a new drink doing the rounds. UKCopHumour I will be trying the vanilla milkshake and double espresso tonight! #McAffogato #coffee #nightshift #goldenarches." McDonald's UK got in on the act too, by uploading a spiffy, professionally shot video of the said Mcaffogato, but instead of using a vanilla shake, they used a sundae.

How to make the McAffogato

If you've decided to defy the gods of winter and head to McDonald's to try and make the McAffogato, there are a few things to remember. The Takeout says it's important to ask the person behind the counter to leave room on the top of the drink, otherwise you'll need to slurp or dump the extra ice cream and whipped cream so that you have enough room to pour in the double espresso shot and to mix everything together.

The Takeout used a double espresso shot to try and recreate the drink two ways: with a sundae or with a milkshake. The site says the sundae was visually more attractive, but the thicker consistency of the ice cream in the sundae made it more challenging to mix, giving a normally more robust double espresso less of an opportunity to make its presence felt in the drink. But The Takeout gave the milkshake McAffogato two thumbs up, calling it a DIY coffee milkshake that can easily give you a jolt. The Takeout also said it was important to give the drink a good stir, since the espresso could pool at the bottom of the cup. 

So yes, the McAffogato is a thing. You're welcome.