Where To Get Fast Food Deals For Valentine's Day 2020

February 14 is fast approaching and if you haven't secured a reservation at the best fine dining restaurant in town at this point, you'll need a miracle from Aphrodite to get a table. Not to worry though, there are some pretty fun and unique Valentine's Day promotions out there, and they're going to cost a lot less than a trendy French restaurant. Your sweetie won't mind drinking soda out of a paper cup, right?

Fast food restaurants may not be the romantic's first choice when it comes to Valentine's dinner, but they can actually be a pretty fun alternative to the traditional outing. Check out these fast food Valentine's options and prepare yourself for an evening of casual (yet romantic!) dining. 

White Castle's candle-lit table service tradition continues

White Castle has been offering up the white tablecloth and candle-lit meals for Valentine's Day for an incredible 29 years. What might have started as a somewhat laughable promotion, is, at this point, a full-fledged tradition. The Ohio-based chain is expecting over 30,000 customers to be dining on its sliders come February 14 (via ABC7). 

The chain partnered with the online reservation company OpenTable three years ago and will be taking reservations in 14 states. White Castle patrons will be provided with table service from 4 to 9 PM (via QSR Web). This year, White Castle will be operating a special pop-up store in San Antonio for all its Texas fans without a restaurant in the Lone Star state. You can find out if your local White Castle is participating on the company website

Burritos and ribs round out the Valentine's Day deals

Perhaps you don't have a White Castle within a hundred miles and don't feel up to a Harold & Kumar style road trip. Not to worry, because there are some pretty sweet fast food V-day promotions to be taken advantage of. 

Why give your significant other a bouquet of flowers that they can only smell, when you could give them a bouquet of meat that they can smell and eat? Boston Market is doing exactly that and offering up a bouquet of barbecue pork ribs. It's called, wait for it... the BAE-by Back Ribs Bouquet. The meat bouquet is $29.99 and is sure to "delight barbeque enthusiasts everywhere," Boston Market's director of culinary innovation told QSR

If ribs aren't your date's thing, then head on over to Qdoba for a burrito and some lip action. Now in its 10th year, Qdoba is once again rolling out its "QDOBA for a Kiss" campaign (via QSR). All participants have to do is plant a kiss when purchasing an entrée and they get a second entrée free. Customers can kiss their date (provided they're into it), their phone, or simply their own hand. 

Share a photo of your Qdoba smooch on Instagram with the hashtag #QDOBAforaKiss and you might even win a $100 gift card. 

Burger King isn't forgetting about the single people

If you don't feel like dining alone at White Castle, have no bae to share your ribs with, and kissing yourself in line at Qdoba is a level of desperation you're not willing to sink to, don't worry. Burger King hasn't forgotten about all the love-scorned single folks out there. 

Participating Burger King restaurants will be offering a free Whopper to jilted lovers who bring in a photo, letter, or some other item of a failed relationship (via CBS News). Sure, it's sort of an anti-Valentine's Day promotion, but hey — free Whoppers!