The Reason An Apple In The Morning Might Be Better Than Coffee

For coffee drinkers, pouring a hot cup of joe in the morning isn't just a ritual of habit, it's a necessity to get the day started. People don't just like their morning coffee, they need it and rely on that jolt of caffeine to give them a morning boost to get the day started. Plus, coffee can be pretty delicious. 

What about switching your morning mug of coffee though, for a crisp apple instead? An apple might not have the same appeal as a cup of coffee, but science argues that the fruit may be a worthy alternative to a cup of caffeine when it comes to energy.  

Eating an apple can give your brain a jolt of energy

The reason coffee is such a morning go-to drink is that the caffeine helps our body snap out of its sleepy state. When we're asleep, our blood pressure dips, but the 100 milligrams or so of caffeine in a cup of coffee stimulates our central nervous system and in turn, raises our blood pressure and breathing rate. This makes us feel more alert (via Livestrong). Too much though, can have the reverse effect and make you tired.  

So how do apples fit into all of this? Well, according to Cornell University, the fiber, sugar, vitamins, phytonutrients, and antioxidants that are naturally found in apples can also reenergize the body. There's no caffeine in apples, but they do have a decent sugar content of around 13 to 19 grams (via Caffeine Informer). Your stomach digests this sugar fairly quickly and it raises your blood pressure, thus zapping your brain awake. 

So which is better, an apple or coffee?

Coffee is just such an enjoyable beverage, there's probably no danger of Starbucks being run out of business by apples. That said, an apple is going to be a healthier alternative to coffee, especially if you pour artificial syrups and sugary creamers in your morning cup. Not to mention, apples won't stain your teeth the way coffee can. 

That's not to say that coffee doesn't have its health benefits. Studies have shown that coffee drinkers have a lower chance of developing heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and Parkinson's disease than non-coffee drinkers. If caffeine tends to give you the jitters, though, opt for an apple all the way.