This Is Surprisingly The Most Searched Restaurant Chain Of 2019, According To Google

Google has been our go-to for just about everything since we became aware of it in 1998 (via The Verge). It has helped us uncover obscure academic research and track down important daily news. We go to Google for practical information like movie listings, information on store opening and closing times — and if we want to know where the best bites are, we go to Google for recommendations and to its companion app Google Maps for directions.

To celebrate its 15th year, Google Maps is telling America what its favorite restaurant chain was in 2019, based on the number of search queries it recorded. And while diners relied on Google Maps to point them in the direction of different fast food outlets that might have been closest (or the most difficult to find), the most searched chain in America is Domino's Pizza (via The Daily Meal).

Google Maps also detected different regional preferences

But people didn't just go on Google Maps to look for Domino's; they also went on the app to track down a McDonald's, which came in second on the search list, followed by Starbucks, Pizza Hut, and Chick-fil-A. The Daily Meal, which reported Domino's dominance on the Google Map universe, says Google Maps even had data broken down into regions, showing that Kentuckians liked their Papa John's, Massachusetts stayed faithful to their Dunkin Donuts, and Vermont residents were on the lookout for their local Ben and Jerry's. The regional breakdown allowed for the names of smaller restaurants like the Bear Tooth Theatrepub in Anchorage, Alaska to get a mention too.

To find out what kind of foods were most searched for in America in 2019, The Daily Dish turned to Google, where people (coincidentally) were most interested in looking up pizza, followed by Chinese, breakfast, coffee, Mexican, "sea food," sushi, Italian, ice cream, and BBQ, giving America a digital snapshot of its food preferences.