Here's What You Can Substitute For Mayonnaise

According to U.S. News, mayonnaise is the most popular condiment in the United States. However, if you need something to substitute for mayonnaise, whether for health reasons, because you ran out, or because you're making a dish that requires it and you simply don't like the country's most popular content, there are options.

Olive oil is a great substitute for mayonnaise. It doesn't have too strong of a flavor, but has enough to give your dish or sandwich the little extra it needs. It can be used in any kind of salad such as tuna, egg, potato, chicken, or macaroni, and it can also be used on a sandwich. Many Italian sandwiches already choose oil and vinegar toppings over mayonnaise. The downside of olive oil is that it is very high in calories, and it doesn't hold tuna or chicken salad together the way mayonnaise does.

Greek yogurt is another great substitute for mayo, and at 8 calories per tablespoon compared to the 94 in mayonnaise, it's a healthy choice, too. Its similar texture as a binding ingredient makes it a great mayonnaise alternative for salads.

Other mayonnaise alternatives

Hummus, made from chickpeas, olive oil, tahini, lemon juice, and garlic, is a less versatile substitute for mayonnaise, but a great one depending on your dish. It's also a healthier option, with just 25 calories per tablespoon, and makes a great topping for a sandwich or for mixing into egg salad.

Mustard is the condiment most associated with mayonnaise, but it can also be used to substitute. At 10 calories per tablespoon for yellow or brown mustard, it is a substitute that you will likely want to stick to using only on sandwiches, though it can also be used in potato or egg salad. Mustards will vary the flavor of a dish, though, so proceed carefully.

A less obvious substitute for mayo is avocado. It can be put on sandwiches as slices, but it can also be mashed and used as a sandwich spread. If you add some lemon or lime and garlic, you can create a guacamole-like sandwich spread. This will not work as well in salads, though. While diced avocado is great in salads, it won't substitute for mayonnaise there as the texture and flavor aren't right.

Lastly, there's Nayonaise, for those who like the taste and texture of mayonnaise but are vegan. It is a mayo-like spread sold in grocery stores, and is a good option whatever your sandwich or salad needs.