Would You Try A Coronavirus Cocktail?

Over the weekend, a new question concerning coronavirus arose: Would you sip on a drink called "Coronavirus Cocktail"? On Saturday, March 7, Avery's Soda announced their newest creation which they named Coronavirus Cocktail. While the fluorescent-colored green bottle mentioned both "coronavirus" and a "cocktail," it is, in fact, neither of those things. It's actually just the newest flavor of soda the company is making, flavored to taste like lime-orange (via WSFB).

To amp up the egregious humor, the company also listed a recipe for "pandemic punch" on the bottle. While the company has received a mixed response over the product, they do state — and even print on the bottle — that people should wash their hands. Some people have responded poorly, saying the stunt is in bad taste as people are dying from the virus. Others, however, appreciate the company's dark humor and several have proclaimed that they have already bought a few bottles, or can't wait to try it (via Avery's Soda Facebook).

The Coronavirus Cocktail creator

The specialty soda is only available for a limited time near the company's location, which is in New Britain, Connecticut. Avery's Soda opened a small shop in 1904 to make and bottle craft soda in New Britain. The company has been making soda ever since and crafts 35 different flavors (via Avery's Soda).

Using cane sugar to sweeten the sodas made with quality ingredients, the shop makes classic and "Totally Gross" sodas. Flavors include Cola, Cream Soda, Birch Beer, Korker, and Sarsparilla among many other classic flavors. The "Totally Gross" flavors have less appetizing names — they're along the lines of Fungal Fruit, Bug Barf, Dog Drool, and Zombie Brain Juice. 

Avery's also makes seasonal sodas like Pumpkin Pie, and invites people to make their own sodas or customize labels (via Avery's Soda). No matter how you feel about the Coronavirus Cocktail, Avery's Soda is certainly creative.